Icons for TransforMap

I create this topic to gather conversations related to icons.

@wellemut you said once Green Map was keen in letting us use their icons? Right? Where could we access them?

Icons and uMap: one can actually use icons with uMap by linking for a each POIs, or for the whole map or layer to an Icon URL. That’s incredibly easy. Just need the icon image to have a URL (I’m not sure about the image formats supported though).

OSM: what is the policy for the use of icons in the OSM system?

Hallo Adrien
Yes, we really want to collaborate in a way, that we can use their symbols and we develop a new platform.

You can also connect with the group, who made open Greenmap for Berlin. I think his name is Peter, but you will find his contact in the internet.

Wendy is participating in the mapjam and you just ask her about the authority to use the symbols.

Could you share Wendy’s contact?
If you have a contact for Green Map Berlin it would also be great. Their website only has a contact form.

Using, the GreenMap icons with their original urls has a an advantage: If you use the GreenMap icons, which actually represent the GreenMap taxonomy, could later associate those icons/tags, that overlap with the Transformap taxonomy to their corresponding TransforMap tags. (see Trello: ChangeMap.png)

@Michael : do you know if there is a registry where one can find the icons as URLs?

Google released a set of icons under an Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International license.

At first sight there isn’t much to be used for us, but it might be good to store icon resources somewhere for future needs.

A more useful resource is http://thenounproject.com/

The google icons dont stuff we want to map.

http://thenounproject.com/ is allready better

Here is a nice collection that may be relevant -


available on The Noun Project, too:

http://thenounproject.com/collections/ocha-humanitarian-icons/ **

**edit: seems to be no longer available. Here instead:

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Also, an interesting reference sheet here which describes the Green Map approach to remixable iconography through some basic common symbolism:

edit: One more set to check out, open source from MapBox:


…and http://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/Category:Map_icons

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I wrote this to the the noun project:

Hi out there.

I’m Thomas Kalka, from the transformap project:

I’m looking for someone to discuss licensing issues, in the best case openly in a thread in our discourse.

My questions:

As I understand, we have three options to use the icons

1.) use the public domain subset of the icons
the easiest way

2.) pay for downloading icons
I could pay and download a bunch of icons.
Then I would use them in map editors , printed maps, online maps etc which potentially will be used by many people,
reproducing them in any way with open data licenses. Is this the idea behind your pay for download option ?

3.) add a cc-by-sa license information
Would we have to include a list of icons, with their authors names and links to the noun project for every used icon,
or would it be enough to have one general information on the map
"icons used from the noun project, licensed by CC-SA-BY"

API Usage:

I do not understand the limit of 5000 api calls per month for the free access modell.
If we cache icons localy, may we download 5000 icons per month ?

Would it be considerable to sponsor transformap providing a pro account for small or no cost in the beginning of its existence?
It would be easier for us to pay for a pro account if have handled the first steps …

Thomas Kalka, Potsdam, Germany

I’ve somehow missed this thread for months, trying to answer all at once :slight_smile:

As OSM has many mapstyles (only 5 / 1000 are visible on http://osm.org) - anyone can create one and there is no general policy or a standardised icon set.

I’ve already used some of their icons on the maps on http://transformap.co .

I haven’t used them on their purpose, I think. Their taxonomy is VERY different from ours, we’ve chosen them primarily on how they look and fit to a particular TransforTax entry.

I love their simplicity and style, but there are a lot missing. We’ll have to modify and create new ones matching their style in the long term.

I’ve extracted them from their PDFs and put them on github there: https://github.com/TransforMap/transfor-map/tree/master/assets/greenmap

What I’m missing are Icons for our identities. I’ve spent some time extracting them from their websites, but some simply did’nt have a common one, like the commons :wink:
You can find a first version here: https://github.com/TransforMap/transfor-map/tree/species/assets/transformap/pngs/identities

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we should check with sharensave if we can use their icons: https://github.com/ShareNSave/share-n-save and web where you see directly the icons http://www.sharensave.com.au/

Afaik tere is. But as far as I know Wendy from Green Map asked us not to use the icons in that form? Maybe it’s a matter of correct mapping to the Green Map taxonomy? Maybe need to check up with here.

@wendy from OpenGreenMap joined the discourse and also brings the 170 Icons of OpenGreenMap in the conversation. Within the next months we will develop an iconography for the solidarity economy movement. That might be interesting to have a look at.

short note,
Ouishare has a icon connection for sharing economy activities. That might be explored, once we are at the logo stage.