Important CHEST Dissemination Actions for Call 3 projects

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from: Olaf Swanzy
Date: 2015-11-05 17:01 GMT+01:00
Subject: Important CHEST Dissemination Actions for Call 3 projects

Dear Call 3 winners,

On behalf of PNO (who are also managing dissemination activities), I would like welcome you to the project.

For the benefit of both CHEST and for the future success of your own projects, it is important that dissemination is a consistent activity delivered by all call 3 winners for the remainder of the project (and beyond).

Such activities could include anything from adding details of the CHEST project and our financial support to your website, through to the publishing of your project in newsletters, your social media, events etcanything that seeks to create awareness of the initiative.

Therefore can I ask you for the following information:

Using the attached template please provide

  • a list of relevant actors in social innovation including Incubators, Venture Capitalists (with social attitude), NGO Organisation, Social Associations, Social Enterprises, Citizens, social networks with whom you have contacts.
  • Using the attached template please provide a short summary of your community engagement/dissemination strategy that you plan to deliver as part of your CHEST project to create visibility.
  • Include here any reference to existing social media tools that you plan to use.

To prepare a short press release (can be around 5 lines) detailing the CHEST financing and your project – please include a link to the CHEST website - - this should be sent out to your stakeholders identified in point 1 above.

We would like your commitment to publish something on your social media relating to project updates via your own social media at least fortnightly (every 2nd week). James who manages the social for the project will send a follow up email to you with short guidance

As Dissemination Managers for the project it is important that James and I are kept informed of all relevant activities. Could I ask for your input by the 13th Nov

It is even more critical that for all dissemination activity relating to your projects – reference to both the CHEST project and community co-financing is made including the EC logo. If possible I would also like to include a link to the chest website from each of your own organisation websites.

I have attached the original project logo (let me know if you need any different formats).

You can also use, something as simple as - CHEST (Collective enHanced Environment for Social Tasks) is a 30 month Research and Development project supported under the Seventh Framework Programme to promote the development of digital based innovations that have the potential to address key societal challenges. In addition to the development of an online community platform that will facilitate the sharing and exchanging of ideas, the CHEST project has invested up to €2.5 million in seed finance for highly innovative digital based technologies, concepts and systems that address a specific societal challenge. TransforMap has been successful in receiving support through the scheme with the managing partner organizations Get Active and Ecobytes.

Many thanks for your support

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact either myself or James Hughes


UK Director

@almereyda, @species, @josefkreitmayer, @alabaeye, @gandhiano
#draft document attached

@almereyda could you put it in such a great platform, as you put the contract with ecobytes? That would be great!

Have a look at the draft and comment, or make changes until 18:00 friday 20th. I took the opportunity to make a real planning document from that template. So that is really relevant. Please revise it carefully!

the following is just FYI.

I will quote the relevant parts below!

Dear Call 3 winners,

Following on from my colleague Olaf Swanzy’s email last week, please see below for key points about how we can disseminate effectively in collaboration:
Activity, Content and Language are vital!

= we must update regularly, preferably fortnightly (depending on the
content that is available) and even weekly as projects progress.

= a combination of text, links, pictures and audio/video should be used
to engage as wider audience as possible. Any important milestones
reached, events
attended or hosted for your projects, articles on your websites, blogs,
etc. should provide useful content. The more you can provide, the more
we can help to disseminate your project to the CHEST and wider EU

*If you have any ideas that you would like to discuss, please do not hesitate to contact me and I will assist wherever possible.
= a combination of your local languages and English, in order to reach
local stakeholders and the wider community. If your material is
in a language other than English via your social media
channels/websites/ blogs, please provide me with a brief summary in
English so I can disseminate via the CHEST channels. Only provide a full
translation if you consider this worthwhile given the time.

Please connect your project/organisation/personal accounts with the CHEST Twitter (@CHESTChallenge) and
CHEST Facebook wherever possible.

Please can you all return the template and press release that Olaf has asked for by no later than Wednesday 18th November.

Please can you all update your websites (also as requested by Olaf) as a matter of urgency.

If you have any queries, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Thank you and kind regards,

James Hughes

James Hughes
Innovation Consultant

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Date: 2015-12-17 20:06 GMT+05:30
Subject: FW: Important CHEST Dissemination Actions for Call 3 projects
Dear Call 3 winners,

Thank you to all who have sent in the template Dissemination and Community Strategy and press release, and connected with CHEST on social media as requested – you can ignore the remainder of this email.

For those who have not yet completed these tasks, this is required as a matter of urgency
please. The EC will be looking for evidence of dissemination from both CHEST and the projects supported, which will be difficult for us to display if we have not received these documents and projects are not connected with CHEST on social media.

The template is attached and the social media details for CHEST are: Twitter
@CHESTChallenge, Facebook /CHEST.project

Examples of material we can disseminate via social media are:

  • Events attended or hosted to promote your projects
  • Organisations or networks joined to progress your projects
  • Newsletters, articles and blogs that feature your project
  • Any important milestones achieved (for example, one of our Call 2 projects:

Please complete all outstanding actions by the close of business on Wednesday 23rd December 2015. Please send the completed templates to …[CHEST contact]

Kind regards,

The requested Dissemination strategy paper mentioned above was sent. All the other activity was not yet fulfilled.

What is in a state, that we could reoport it in terms of:

Examples of material we can disseminate via social media are:

  • Events attended or hosted to promote your projects
  • Organisations or networks joined to progress your projects
  • Newsletters, articles and blogs that feature your project

@almereyda @alabaeye I think you have the best overview on that?

I will prepare the text for the webiste and discoures post, and will also send a post via the Get Active Facebook site.

@almereyda, could you add the chest twitter account mentioned above and make a post relating to it and transformap. You can also share some achievements or stuff going on via twitter. That would be great.

new dissmemination action requirements:


and about the website integration of the short text and logo as required some time ago @almereyda.

Dear Josef,

I hope all is going well with the Transformap project.

Following on from the EC’s review of CHEST, the feedback suggests an area we need to focus on improving further is the website and social media content and volumes.

Therefore, I would like to write a news article(s) for the CHEST website about the progress of all Call 3 winners. Please can you provide me with an update/summary of the key progress and results from Transformap in the last 6 months?

This can be bullet points – I will write the news article around the information you provide. This information could also be used on social media, or we can link to the news article from social media posts.

Regarding social media, please do tag CHEST in your posts or let me know when you will next be posting. If I have missed any important updates, please do send me a link and I will correct this.

Thank you for adding the EC and CHEST logos and text to the forum, and for posting similar information on Facebook.

Please can you add the EC logo and CHEST logo to the Transformap website itself, preferably with the CHEST logo linked to our website:

If you have any queries, please do not hesitate to contact us.