Importing Images

(Josef Kreitmayer) #1

As it is an optional requirement* for the SSEDAS project, we want to prepare the bulk import and lateron based on that, the display of images from the initiatives.

For the bulk collection, there is some questions to clarify beforehand, see below the line.

For the file storage, there is 2 options, based on the quality of the image and the will of the respecitve initiative to contribute to a global commons.

General questions for the collection of images, to develop a “How to Guide” for Image collection:

needs specification by humanoids from UX and or DB:

@species @almereyda @waldyrious @kei
Can you share your take on that?

  • minimum and possibly maximum size and px quality

  • Format (might be relevant to know, in which format it is very likely displayed)

  • licensing question for consent to use as creative commons and forward to Wikimedia commons

  • content criteria for the image

  • process question, how do we link the image to the relating iniative in the bulk import process?

  • Image-Upload

(Michael Maier) #2

For Wikimedia Commons, the maximum file size is 100MB.
Upload the best possible quality, the WM Commons API automatically scales it down to the size requested (e.g. 200px on the demo maps)!

Only use free file formats! See Wikimedia Commons: File types. For photos JPG is preferred.

It must be a free license, not restricting the usage of the image (except attribution and share-alike clauses). Full Information about license guidelines in Wikimedia commons can be found here.

For WM Commons, It must have an “educational” purpose in some way.

In the import spreadsheet template, there is a column “image”. The file name of the image showing the initiative should be put here so we can match that later.

(Josef Kreitmayer) #3

this now lives here als working document to be used for SSEDAS: