Improving the mapping of maps

(Adrien Labaeye) #1

So here is a thread to gather the conversations around ways to improve the visibility of the data from our mapping of maps. In other words how to make our atlas look nice (and useful) and potentially benefit other inventories like Semoz’s and the one about platform cooperativism (see this conversation).


  1. there has been some conversation with @Maia from Semeoz. Maia’s focused on visibility using wordpress. This brings of course limitations in terms of data management.
  2. we have a CHEST deliverable for the mapping of mappings. In the current state, I find the outcome not really satisfying:
  • data needs to be cleaned up and completed
  • vizualization of data is ok, but not really enticing for non-specialist users.
  • arrange and build upon @toka’s playground to make it more visible to visitors

@gandhiano @josefkreitmayer: is there an open line in the budget for this. I remember from our conversation in Berlin that there could be.
@toka: would you like to work on that if there is a budget?

I believe that working with @maia in importing her data in our wiki and then pumping our data onto her wordpress would set an interesting precedent for other inventories like the platform coop one.

The Atlas Strategy
(Helmut) #7

I just wrote a little overview about Mapping the Mappings: