initiatives and places

hello @species

I think we also be aware to distinguish between initiatives and places.
eg. spektral in Graz is a place.
the volxküche there is an initiative.

I think that Initiatives are much more volatile.
Many can be in one place, at one adress.
They easily start and end, or start being inactive.

… and I am not even sure, if it ok to put them on OSM?

I just noticed that difference here at food not bombs website, as I searched for the austrian chapters, and vienna website does not work, graz website had it´s last activities 2004.

You’re right, definitely not. I see the “volxküche” clearly as an event (→OSM+) which happens on a place (→OSM). It is then our job to link from the event to the place.

It has only a place in OSM, if there exists a club (Verein) organising these events, and they can be usually met at this place, and the postal address (Vereinsanschrift) is also there.

And some of them rotate, each time being on a different place…