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(Benjamin Brownell) #1


I want to invite one of the “Bees” team to respond to the initial survey form which is now set up by REL to collect data about projects and organisations working for a new, regenerative economy. Transformap is one of these projects, in our estimation!

Here is a link to the live form:

This is a first draft, going out to select groups for early feedback and testing. I think you will have some nice insights and ideas for us…and that is very valuable.

Data from the initial responses will be sorted into a few visualizations, and an expanded project roadmap in order to build support for development of a full-featured concept mapping platform to continue exploring the ideas and trends and common ground in this space. I hope this process will be very interesting and beneficial to you as well in Transformap. We’re going to try and make this process very open, collaborative, and adaptable.

Thank you!


PS some more info about my involvement with REL is in the ‘badgers’ department from yesterday.

(Benjamin Brownell) #2

Anyone here able to contribute some responses and feedback this week? @Silke @alabaeye
Thank you!

(Benjamin Brownell) #3

Hello, is this request in the wrong place? So far no reply. Can someone advise? Is REL project of interest now? Can I provide any more helpful information?

Geht’s vieleicht besser auf Deutsch?

Vielen Dank!

(Michael Maier) #4

As there is no ‘official’ spokesperson for TransforMap, I think no one dares to fill out the survey for TransforMap alone :wink:

As there are a lot of questions, and TransforMap aims to have very broad goals (because influenced by a lot of people), filling out the survey will be no easy task. I think answering them should be a consensus process between at least three TransforMap ‘core’ members. This should be done in a telephone conference or personal meeting.

There are

  • 8 ‘multiple choice’ questions
  • 11 ‘rating’ “radio box” questions
  • 8 free text fields

Should take anywhere from 1-3 hours doing it in a group.

Does anyone have time for a ‘workshop’ doing it? Please answer via reply. If there are at least three People (including myself) I’ll set up a dudle for agreeing on a time.

Greetings, Michael

(Benjamin Brownell) #5

Ah, thank you for the reply here Michael. I understand that this could seem like a big request, so let me be clear about what is most valuable right now.

This initial survey is a prototype, and a learning process as we begin to collect info and figure out how to work with it for concept mapping etc. It’s not a final, comprehensive, official version. We are not presenting the data as scientific or definitive, it is not going to be published with names attached. We are doing basic graph visualizations of project ecosystem and taxonomy. Much of the info will be gathered from our own research and reading online about projects, but some things are important to hear direct from participants and project leaders / stewards.

We realize of course that it is humans who are speaking from one perspective within an organization or ecosystem - we are not asking for ‘official’ answers, but for one or more individual perspectives.

So, I would really value some input from someone (or even two someones!) in transformap network who have a good overview picture of the project and who are interested in sharing some ideas about it with REL team.

Only about half the questions are marked “required” and some I can fill in myself based on your existing online materials about the project. Leave blank if that’s easiest.

Maybe most important are a couple of questions at the end: what kind of support do you need in order to make your project a success? and what would you like to see REL achieve? …which we can discuss here in a thread more if anyone is interested.

I would like to open up a bit more dialogue between these two projects, since I think they can ultimately be very complementary.

Let me know if anyone has questions, or suggestions on better way to go!

(Benjamin Brownell) #6

Some visualization work here using Kumu from preliminary research and analysis:

(Benjamin Brownell) #7

We have been working on a new website home for the project, which you can see here:

Also, the survey form is now updated to a new version. If anyone from transformap wants to make an entry, please go here:

If you have thoughts or questions, please let us know!

(Silke ) #8

"Should take anywhere from 1-3 hours doing it in a group."
you meant: 1-3 months?

(Thomas Kalka) #9

@BenB Hi Benjamin, another reason for missing responses is our problem to migrate awareness away from mailinglists and private email communication into this discourse forum. It will take some time.

(Thomas Kalka) #10

@BenB as I understand your form we (transforma) and you (REL) are working more or less towards the same goal.

We should unite forces …

We started to collect data using google forms too and where struggling finding ways out of the google trap.
There is a bunch of problems using google forms:

  • no incremental data input , so no “step by step improvement”
  • data is hidden inside google docs
  • how to deal with “private information”
  • no in-tool analysis of data
  • no crowd sourced improvement of forms
  • no sharing of taxonomy

Actually we use a semantic wiki at to collect this data openly.

Thinking about a tool to convert google forms into some meta description and from there into semantic forms on semantic wiki or other more open platforms …

Are you open to collect your data in the open ?

(Benjamin Brownell) #11

Thanks Thomas, I appreciate your thoughts and suggestions.

My feeling is that Transformap and REL are working towards complementary goals - one can help the other, and vis a versa - not the same goals. Our focus with REL is to create a platform for mapping concepts and knowledge about alternative economies and the groups working in this space. Transformap is focused on the geographic mapping and display of what is currently happening (actions) in this space.

What I hope is that REL can help to create a better and better knowledge structure (taxonomy / ontology) which is useful to Transformap, and that transformap can be the place that REL points to for people who want to see how and where the concepts are being put into practice - and where we can look to further our research.

To start, yes we are using google forms to gather some basic info for demonstration mapping using available tools (Metamaps and currently) as a kind of ‘proof of concept’ prototype in order to test and design for a full-featured custom platform solution to be built later this year. So this is an easy, temporary option for us, and it works alright.

Our data will be open and reusable, we do not have an exact plan for this yet since we are still exploring the right tool set and coordination, but already you can go to the kumu projects where we are mapping and download the dataset in spreadsheet format to use.

I will be glad to follow up on some more details of our approach with anyone interested, and share updates as we go. I don’t want to add noise or distraction to the forum here anywhere that is not appropriate, so let me know the best way to do this. We do not have our own public discussion space set up yet, but hopefully soon!