Integrate ISO 3166-2 Country Subdivision-Information

Hello there,

I found ISO Country and states codes and think it could help us to get a clearer understanding of the areas we are working on, as quite many of the countries we are working on are very big, different in structure and communities.

Here is the Wikipedia-Link, that explains the standard:

For example, as we are currently working with a mapping community in hungary/budapest. Their budapest region code is 3166-2:HU-BU

I just noticed, that those codes are not used in OSM, nor in Google maps, but would be very useful to get an overview on spatial areas we work in. From just the dots I find it somehow difficult sometimes to get the magnitudes we are working on. When it is about city areas, it is quite easy to get some understanding of territory, on the regional level I see that codes could help us, as they are easily machine-readible.

Jofef, could you please provide pointers to the codes?

hello @toka sry, I had the link, but seemed not to have integrated it. Now it is also part of the initial post.

here it comes as well:

Thanks for pointing to ISO 3166-2, didn’t know it. They undocumented but used in OSM, and are not complete. There are 2655 (of over 4000 according to Wikipedia) in OSM, see taginfo.

If we have a list of our regions, we would be able to create a nice map of them out of OSM data!