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(TransforMap Collective) #1

By adding a thread about yourself, you join transformap.

  • Tell us physical and virtual places, where you can regularly be found.
  • Tell us about your interests and competences.
  • Tell us your openstreetmap login, so we can follow your edits.

Click on the brown box labeled “Who is who ?” which you find under the title of this page.
On the new page click on the blue box labeled “+ New Topic” in the upper right to add your self description.

Du kannst deinen Beitrag auch gerne auf Deutsch oder einer anderen Sprache verfassen:

  • schreibe, wo auf der Welt und in welchen (online-)Projekten du zu finden bist
  • beschreibe deine Interessen und Kompetenzen im Kontext von Transformap
  • falls Du openstreetmap schon nutzt: gib deinen Account dort hier an

15MMM - How to start ....
(Jon Richter) #3

Should we probably rename this category to AMA - Ask Me Anything as known from Reddit and other places?

(Thomas Kalka) #4

I like the idea of AMA very much, but don’t think that we should change the category name.
But: we should work on the first entry in this thread to be more inviting to use the topics in this category AMA like (@almereyda, would you take this job?).

Außerdem sollten wir darüber nachdenken, wie wir Alternativen finden könnten, dieses Forum mehrsprachig zu nutzen.