Introducing the TransforMap Testbed architecture

This diagram shows the TransforMap Testbed architecture and its environment, from which it has been conceived.

The outer circles and indicated arrows constitute a sociotechnical metabolism between collectives and individuals being in constant flow with their projects and resources. They are the sustaining dynamics from which the testbed is being shaped.

The testbed itself consists of loosely coupled layers of interaction within a framed service system. Each layer offers services for distinguished cohorts from the communities. They are, from bottom to top, the maintainers, the curators and the users of TransforMap.

These layers interact by providing infrastructure and support to those built on top of them.

The maintenance process are of specialist character which is not easily collectified, why they are only shown as black boxes and going to be mentioned briefly here. The Development & Operations domain equips the TransforMap community with computation and storage resources for running a diverse set of internet services. On top of it sits a Data Integration Pipeline that helps us to capture, assimilate and retain a wealth of data derived from the curated knowledge domains.

The curation process currently happens threefold, by looking at Vocabularies, Atlases and Maps of oikonomia and their meaning to the TransforMap context. They provide us insight into the languages in use for economic depictions in data, into diverse collections of economy-related maps and into cartographic views of events on the ground. These are currently preserved in three separate platforms, namely Wikibase, Semantic MediaWiki and supposedly any data source from the open web.

The usage process itself centers around passive consommation- and active contribution-enabling user interfaces which can simply be distinguished as Viewers and Editors of the underlaying scaffolding.

It is now on us to mobilise this prototype for more profound conversation about the state of self-organised, alternative economies throughout the planet.


This makes sense to me. Is there a time line for the โ€œtestbedโ€ phase? Desired outcomes?

If I get involved as a tester, along with a small network of peers, what kinds of input and feedback is most valuable, and where should it go?

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