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This is a public forum for the development of community mapping in Ireland.

This forum is created initially for collaborative community mapping projects based in the city and county of Galway.

This forum was started by @kevflanagan

(Kevin Flanagan) #2


Here is an introductory tutorial I have developed for UMAP. The tutorial was designed for community organisations in the city of Galway in the west of Ireland. However the basic lessons can be useful in other contexts.

Permaculture Organisations and projects mapping
(Jon Richter) #3

@tuomo @alabaeye You may like to find this work of your fellow PhD @kevflanagan here. Have all of you been introduced to each other already?

(Tuomo Alhojärvi) #4

Yes, we have actually also spoken to each other with @kevflanagan, which was a pleasure and inspiring (at least for me)! Great stuff here, good to see the things happening in Ireland.

(Adrien Labaeye) #5

not yet. thanks for flagging that up! @kevflanagan, I would recommend you to introduce yourself on #welcome-on-board:who-is-who so we can continue the conversation without parasiting this page here :slight_smile: