Joint working sessions

The @scrum team has established Thursdays morning (10-13 CET) as joint working sessions. Basically, we try to make ourselves present in Mumble ( and can work together on different stories. Also other members of the community are welcome to join.

So, for today I’m sitting on Mumble, but I’m afraid today I can’t contribute much - have a strained back muscle and heavy pain, making it very hard to concentrate on any work at all, not to mention finding a position where I can look at the laptop at all without further straining the muscles.

go to bed!

Not really possible - 2 daughters here, which I couldn’t bring to kindergarden/school, need to cook for them, respond to some needs. But did fall asleep playing with them, with a warm water bag on my neck :wink:

We try again working on a common time next year :slight_smile:

Hey @Scrumteam1, who’s gonna join the today’s working session?

I was late myself (forgot to set an alarm clock), but know I’m online in Mumble, if you wanna join :smile:

Will join in 30 minutes

Gualter Baptista

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I liked today a lot!
When is the next session?

: )

Every week, same day, same time for a start. But we should consider increasing frequency in the future.

Tomorrow scrum standup at 12:00

Gualter Baptista

Me and Jon had a long night of deployment, so please excuse us for the standup

Gualter Baptista

I have setup an event on OwnCloud for this. You can now set up your alarms @Scrumteam1. Looking forward to meeting working with you tomorrow.

Hello @gandhiano sorry for not joining yesterday. I read your report. For me, currently requests about the process come in for SSEDAS partners, and I start to write the FCF report.

I will very likely be able to join the standup on friday. If you want to do a joint thursday working session tomorrow, I might be able to join that.


I was there, and I was alone.
I’m starting to get ill, so I’m going to bed now.

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I was there a bit later and no one else came :frowning:

Gualter Baptista

Getting over a small cold myself, but looking good.

Could not enter the internet today. now in nighttrain where i got
electricity to charge.

Would like to update you on the steps for the ssedas taxonomy development
and data collection.

on 3. march, an auditor for ssedas is requesting a call with me.

gute Erholung und Genesung Michael