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Mag. Josef Kreitmayer
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I am motivated and willing to contribute to shaping our collective future is my love to life, and the deep conviction, that the ways we currently organize our personal, social and economical matters will diminish and destroy the ability of this wonderful earth to nourish human life, and any life in its sweet forms of elegance and beauty, therefor I want to contribute to enable new solutions for organizing fulfilling our needs as living society and human individuals.


I dedicate myself to - as building up the collaborative economy community in Austria - I follow 3 deep ecological pathways towards a lifesustaining future:

  • nourish a new culture of awareness, empathy and cooperation

  • build new institutions that operate in service of our collective human experience and life itself

  • bring structures to an end, that harm the flourishing of our collective human experience and life itself


I work, I follow 3 principles of Dragon Dreaming project Design in our projects:

  • enable personal development für everybody involved

  • enable community building and strengthening

  • enable working in service of the human experience, life itself and this beautiful planet we live in

What I Share

“I can do things you cannot, you can do things I cannot; together we can do great things.”