June Berlin Map Jam - Piggy backing

two events are proposed by TransforMap during the OSCE Days:

I submitted as transition>>lab with Lars Zimmermann an event to organize a mapping the urban commons bike tour as part of two events in early June in Berlin:

The event was accepted. Here is the decription (MakeCity_Map_Jam_OSCEDays_TransitionLab.pdf) (500.1 KB) .
Method: I’ll provide an input on the theme of urban commons, why mapping, and I plan to use the needs and modes of interaction categories from the taxonomy to help people categorize what they map. It will will start at 11AM at the Thinkfarm and will end up in another (yet unknown) location at 18:00. I plan to get people discuss the question of how good it is to make things visible: ie. what benefits but also threats there are to making the commons visible on a map.

@wellemut: interested? any of your friends at KarteVonMorgen? That would go at facilitating map jam(s) offline…

@almereyda on: interest to contribute/take part? I would like to make a print-out of the BerlinKarte for participants. I would like to change the GartenKarte to something like “Map the Urban Commons - A contribution to TransforMap”? Would you have the editable (svg?) file then? Severin pointed me to the FU (“im zedat”) for the cheap print outs, but I would need you to get access to the FU… :smile:

@Silke and others: Could we get some money to pay for map print outs?

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We could run a kind of event that involves maps and technology, but in June I would rather prefer walking the city as we did back in 2013 (not finished write-up).

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So I submitted a proposal for a map jam (in streets) and mapathon (on computers) on 13.06 from 11 to 18:00 to the organizers of MakeCity festival. Let’s see. In any case we can still do it as part of the OSCEDays. Let’s see if we can manage a bit of funding for hosting costs (and organization) through the Full Circle proposal. I submitted as OPENiT Agency (Lars Zimmermann), transition>>lab and of course Transformap’s Berlin Circle.
Here the proposal as submitted: MAPPING THE URBAN COMMONS_Make the City event.pdf (313.3 KB)
Next step would be good to list energies to organize and implement (ie. facilitate). @wellemut: I can’t see your comment anymore…

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Am 11.02.2015 um 19:35 schrieb Adrien Labaeye:

Silke, could you try to look into your email outbox for the message stripped above? It didn’t get through.
Any inline comments get lost when replying to a Discourse thread. One has to reply above the referenced message.

HI, I really missed this. Is there still sth I can contribute?

no not directly. But it would be good to see what kind of costs could be covered from FCF budget for Berlin activities (including 60€ of room booked by Jon for past meetings).
I also plan to make print-outs of a Berlin map based on OSM to use in offline map jam, a small spende would help.
I guess those questions should be addressed in a call for discussing the budget…

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@josefkreitmayer will send around a link for further FCF budget planning soon

Hello @alabaeye the the timeframe of the grant is 15.3. - 15.6.2015 all expenditure has to be made within that timeframe. All expenditure has to be invoiced, documented as viable for association acounting. So every “small spende” needs a “quittung” : )

There is a golden rule about expenditure: “No transfers without propper inovicing-document.”

So, if the invoice could be made after 15.3. and is a clear and accountable document, we can pay it out of the 15mmm funds.

Please find some budget for rent, in the spreadsheet in the first statemetn of the related funding-thread: http://discourse.transformap.co/t/work-packages-budget/245

@alabaeye as the budget for material (200) and rent (200) is very slim, I would say, print outs below 20€ is very much ok at this point, and go for it. Any higher ammount should be discussed, and probably we see, that we need more material and rent budget and have to cut other budgets for that.

[after you read it, I will put this post to be part of my earlier one and delete this one]

I have the original papers currently with me in Paris.

I could handle that.

I have access to a plotter here in the architect’s office, don’t you worry about that.
Some offline mapping material which I’m currently aware of is available on


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Great! let’s meet early June.

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Jon, regarding the print outs could we schedule a time in the next days to get some maps printed?

Otherwise, we may be able to have a room (Agora) as part of the OSCE Days to organize a TransforMap hackathon: ie. we use the event to get the attention of the techies while making a contribution to this open source event.
I’m in touch with Lars Zimmermann who coordinates the OSCE Days.

All in all those two things would be bundled up as the Berlin MMM. What do you think? @toka @almereyda

I’m in touch with few people from unMonastery and the viral academy to run a distributed hackathon. We’re still in process of writing the methodology down.
If we could have Agora as the Berlin base, I’d be pleased, of course.

@wellemut: didn’t you have one of your people at KarteVonMorgen who was motivated to participate/contribute?

We’re online at

and here:



for the hackathon. Will you add the event on http://community.oscedays.org/? I can create a first bit to further build upon.
We should not wait too long, especially if we want to secure some space at Agora. Let’s be incremental.


Created the hackathon topic on OSCE Days forum: http://community.oscedays.org/t/challenge-distributed-hackathon-mapping-the-resources-of-an-osce/631
@almereyda @species @toka please contribute on describing the stuff that we want to get done. I’ve just started to give an idea.


@almereyda did you manage to print the map?