Karissa McKelvey - data & debt

Hey, TransforMap!

My name is Karissa McKelvey (http://karissa.github.io) and I’ve been lurking on TransforMap for a while. I first learned of TransforMap through @almereyda (jon r), and he suggested I introduce myself here.

Once upon a time, I was a student at Indiana University in the Informatics program, studying how people communicate online using Twitter. We collected a boatload of twitter data and I created interactive visualizations of the connections between people on the site as a proof of concept and helpful tool for journalists and researchers of political communication. During that time, I was active in the organizing of a multi-campus student strike in the state, with friends in the Ostrom school from whom I learned a lot about commons management and the potential the internet has as a tool for long-distance commoning.

I dropped out of that PhD program in hopes that I could find some sort of path outside of academia where I could help the commons movement through design and development of web and software applications. Currently, I’m working on a decentralized data versioning tool called dat, (http://dat-data.com), that I think could be a technical foundation for some part of TransforMap. I still haven’t decided a clear pathway for this integration, and will continue to lurk until I find some parts I can plug in.

I also work on the Debt Collective (http://debtcollective.org) as a technology consultant and developer. Although not entirely related to this project, they do have similar goals and political/social/economic alignments through resistance by data ownership and collective activity.

Let’s chat! Ask me anything!

Hi Karissa,

thanks for your introduction, nice to see you here!

I’ve tried to try out “Try dat in your Browser” to get an idea about how it can be used in TransforMap, but unfortunately the only thing I got back was “WebSocket connection error.” :-/

Is there a place where can we get a good overview of how dat works and what software powers it?

Do you have any experience with geodatabases too?
We are currently in the design phase of our own TransforMap databases beyond OpenStreetMap. I would like to invite you to our next tech circle meeting!

What about your time budged in the next few months? We could need some help in our CHEST (EU grant) and SSEDAS (where we are sub-contractor of another big EU project) projects!

Thanks :smile:,

Welcome on board. Good to have a dat-expert involved.
I’ve just started a thread about the tool and would be hapy, if you could add the most important implemented patterns to that thread.

Where can you be found in the physical world ?