LandMark and Transformap - match perfectly!

(Silke ) #1

I’d like to encourage cooperation between Landmark and Transformap,
Here is what the global platform of indigenous and community
lands LandMark ( is doing. I’ve taken from an e-mail by Fabrice Dubertret who es collecting data about the situation in Europe, which is a good start to connect LandMark and TransforMap as well. (I’ll ping Fabrice and /or other members of the LandMark Operation Team and encourage them to register on discourse)

Landmark collects the following facts and figures, which might be tremendously useful for TransforMap when it comes to mapping the commons.

1. Estimates of the total area of indigenous and community lands/common lands per

  • presented as percentages of the total country land area to show how much of the national territory they account for.

  • interested in both common lands that are formally recognized by the government,
    and common lands which may not be

  • documentation describing the status of these lands (i.e. what are they? how are they managed? who owns them? etc.) and their history within the country
    Fabrice writes: “For now we provide basic info on these issues, but plan to give more substantial descriptions and insights in the future.”

    2. Maps of the precise location of these lands. We definitely favor numeric maps (i.e. Geographic Information System shapefiles), either polygons or points. We still do not have any of these maps on LandMark for Europe, although we know that
    common lands exist. If maps are available for Romania, it could be of great help in filling this data layer. We also recently received an e-mail through the platform pointing such maps for Spain and Portugal to us.

General policy of LandMark

  • only displaying the data, the contributor is precisely sourced and (s)he keeps full property of the data, and chooses if (s)he wants to make it downloadable or not.

Comments: well, this is certainly a point of discussion; as far as I understand it is not a mapping as a commons approach, which makes data sharing more difficult.

LandMark has a datasharing agreement Transformappers would have to analyze.

3. Ten indicators of Legal Land Tenure Security
as provided by national law: They allow to compare the situation between countries. .

This should suffice to open the thread.