Let's expand our community!

(TransforMap Collective) #1

Communication about actual and possible collaborations (bee circle)

Identified potential collaborations

  • students and academic staff with focus on
  • alternative economies presence on Wikipedia (e.g. @Oona)
  • Data vizualization (e.g. Marian Dörk at FH Potsdam)

(Roland) #4

Cargo Bike sharing has a nice map (well, based on gg) http://www.velogistics.net/de/ - we might ask them to share data

(Thomas Kalka) #5

Magst du unter http://mmm.3oe.de/wiki/Mappings_Overview nachschauen, ob wir die Karte schon haben, und dann eventuell eintragen ?

(Adrien Labaeye) #6

already there. I interviewed its maker, Tom Hansing also working for the Antstiftung & Ertomis. He’s keen on data sharing and for a better mapping interface, but has little resource to dedicate to this map. He also emphasized that specialized maps are a good thing (against a map for sharing everything) because people may find when they’re looking that particular thing (here cargo bikes) on a web search engine…

(Adrien Labaeye) #7

As we would like to expand our community, I think we should partly do this towards a greater focus on Wikipedia. After making today some edits on Wikipedia about urban foraging, and among others, linking our list of urban foraging maps, I think we should put Wikipedia in the center of our strategy in developing the Transformap community…

see the dedicated topic:

(Oona Morrrow) #8

@alabaeye interesting idea! I guess I should have a look at Wikipedia to see what is already there in terms of alternative economy stuff.

(Adrien Labaeye) #9

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