List of 15mmm test mapping locations

This is the list of possible local test mappings that we would like to see happen. Some are confirmed, some are not yet. (TODO: check status for each)

There is some small funding available for organizations that would need for coordination these test mappings, contact @josefkreitmayer for this.
For every test mapping there is a maintainer / contact person inside the core of Transformap.

Make sure only to add your own contact details. Invite mapping partners to your thread and ask them to publish contact details by themselves. So we will collect only self-published private data.

USA / Shareable

(for a selected place in the US)

pro: Instrumente egal, wahnsinniges outreach in USA, haben schon öfter Mapjam auf google map basis gemacht, brennen darauf, zu mappen, schaffen eine größere community an einen ort zu bekommen

maintainers: @toka, two maintainers needed (Josef?)

USA / Common Spark

city: Austin
maintainers (two needed): @toka (Josef?)

USA / Solidarity Ecomomy Network

CANADA / Remix the Commons/ OSM Montreal

for a selected place in Canada. probably Montreal
maintainers: @alabaeye , @Silke (together with France)

FRANCE / Villes en Biens Communs and ESS Global

location: for a selected place in France

Maintainer: @alabaeye @Silke (together with Canada)

AUSTRIA / OSM Graz and TransforMappers in Austria

location: Graz or better Vienna

@species: I would prefer Vienna, because Graz is already mapped very well with 75 POIs - most of the interesting stuff is already done

Maintainer: Michael?

AUSTRIA / Vivir Bien

unsere österreichischen Transformapper fragen, sollen selbst entscheiden ob der Fokus auf Wien liegt und wer betreut


Maintainer: @Giuliana and Dagmar

GERMANY / Anstiftung / Ertomis

! Anfstiftung braucht Antwort

in coordination with Anstiftung/Ertomis or TransforMappers from Berlin → Munich and/or Berlin

in coordination with Transition Network
Transition Town Witzenhausen, Kassel, Göttingen, Solidarity Economy regional groups in the region of the Werra, Weser, Leine and Fulda valleys,

  • ländlicher Bereich
    Gualter aka @gandhiano & Crew

INDIA / Vikalp Sangam

for a selected place in India,
contact: Anuradha Arjunwadkar,

@alabaeye to maintain contacts


in coordination with p2p networks in Greece -> for Athens or Mataroa another selected place (tbc) / contact: Theodoros Karyotis/ + Mataroa Network (Bareli)
TRANSFORMAP-Contact Dominik
Maintainer: Theo


Maintainer: @Silke


in coordination with CATALISE /


in coordination with ECOLISE
maintainer: @dreusser

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For, contact: Anuradha Arjunwadkar,

@ashishkothari @josefkreitmayer Anuradha, thank you for sharing your contact data publicly.
If you like, I could co-maintain the cooperation with you.
I would then open a thread for this cooperation and we can discuss there how to continue.

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