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I’m Luca, with @Alex we met @alabaeye last week: he presented us the project Transformap, you guys are doing a really interesting job here we think! we also spoke about possible cooperation between Tranformap and our network in Italy and Europe.

In Italy I’m founder member of Italia Che Cambia, a let’s say online magazine - network of social-sustainability-ecological-transition-voluntering-solidareconomy-usw associations and active groups

we already build up a map to connect all of them last year, counting now more than 1300 elements and a lot of different networks. you can see it here
it’s working really good, and if I understood your project correctly, it’s like a kind of italian transformap :slight_smile:

we started then in the past year to develop a new big infrastructure that can integrate together news, map, people, associations and networks to be able not only to speak about them but also to give to the people/association/network that want to be engaged for a change some connection tools and active instruments.
and most important, we choose to put at the top of our project a regional/local vision. so we developed a platform that could work as a network of more regional-based nodes interconnected.
the first italian regional portal you can see it here:
(this time it’s open maps :slight_smile: )

and then we started parallel with the next step: if in one direction we are working active in a regional level, at the other it’s really important that all the regions and networks will be interconnected between themselves.
and there’s no sense actually to restrain the project at a national level, particularly in our european situation.
so we’re starting to “export” our italian model in europe starting with germany with the first german region: berlin (I spend a lot of my time here in Berlin and also Alex - french - lives here)
you can see the first beta / private / not yet online version here:

(to see it you need to create an account here: )
with your account you can also see how it works and what’s possible to do right now, and read all the explanations about the website, the map and the project (in german)
(the interface is already translated in 5 languages - you can set it in the profil verwalten > einstellungen)

as you can imagine, there could be a lot of topics that we can discuss about, from sharing our own experiences on the field, to possible cooperation between us.

just to be clear, we are completely no-profit oriented, in italy we are formally an association, and we will probably establish soon in germany as a verein.

I will probably join you tomorrow evening at the Wikimedia Commons Event in Berlin as Adrien proposed.

and we will meet anyway at Solikon I think, I heard that a lot of you will be there for a workshop (I’m helping Solikon Orga-Team, that’s where I got your contact actually), we’re also leading a workshop about Italia Che Cambia and Berlin Im Wandel

have a nice evening everybody!

Luca & Alex

Mapping Italy
Kriterien des Berliner Mapping Meetings vom 26.01.2014
Mexican map-platform "Vientos"
(Adrien Labaeye) #2

Great! Welcome on the Forum! Feel free to ask if you something is confusing on the forum.
For some help, check the dedicated section:
Looking forward to seeing the discussion further developing!
See you tonight!

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@almereyda @species @toka : did you ever read this post?
@Luca seems disappointed never to have received any feedback, or having the opportunity to discuss. He’s based in Berlin. He’s been developing a very interesting map for Italy that is very much in line with the ambition of TransforMap. He’s active now with Alex in putting together a similar map for Berlin. He’s keen in exploring inter-operability and see how a collaboration with TransforMap could work. I think discussing with him would be a good way to proof the various tech choices that have been made against a real case. :smile:

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No, I didn’t get into reading all posts in this Discourse, yet. 53 still waiting to be recognized.

I’m impressed.

@Luca Was your collective also responsible for an italian article about TransforMap at OuiShare Fest?

(Luca) #5

no I don’t think so… do you have the link of the article?
see you

(Gualter Barbas Baptista) #6

@Luca I am going to meet and take part in a workshop with you in Witzenhausen on December 5th (Solidarity Economy Forum, with @DagmarE, @sarah_wodezki , …) . Besides the need to coordinate our presentations (I will be talking about "how to make us/the solidarity economy visible with the examples of mapping/TransforMap and a resource pooling/marketplace), we could use the opportunity to exchange a bit on TransforMap in general.

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hey Gualtier, nice to meet you! (we probably already crossed at solikon)
how are you? yes Sarah told me about your meeting, and put ourselves in contact (we should have each other mail I think… I’ll take a look)
will you not be here in Berlin on wednesday right? maybe we can just have a phone call in the next days about december usw?
see you

(Michael Maier) #8

If I have, I didn’t have time to answer until now, sorry …
I still have 715 unread emails from Discourse in my inbox, and I am only slowly catching up :-/

And I did meet @Luca at Solikon - it was a nice talk, but I haven’t found time yet to get in contact with him after Solikon :-/

(Gualter Barbas Baptista) #9

Yes. What about Wednesday 21:00 CET? I can call you if you provide me with a handy of landline number

(Jon Richter) #10

@josefkreitmayer Do you know where you put that link you showed us? I cannot find it anymore.
@alabaeye also prepared a space to collect these links, before we have a proper blog site for that.

(Luca) #11

hallo Gualter
didn’t you receive my email?
today is difficult cause i will meet before with berlin transformap group
are you available also during the day? maybe on friday?
see you

(Gualter Barbas Baptista) #12

I guess not, but I have currently no capacity to check all incoming e-mails (also too much noise there). Friday is good, I am flexible.

(Luca) #13

how do I send you my telefon number without making it visible for all the world? :smile:
o just send me yours here or with email and I’ll call you in the next hours
bis nacher

(Josef Kreitmayer) #16

I just happend to understand, what link you were referring to:
now to be found here as well: External Communication and Publications about TransforMap on third-party website