Macadjan - map aggregation and cataloguing based on Django

(Josef Kreitmayer) #1

The spanish project Ecozoom is an aggregation of several maps (see here)
for the spanish map-aggregation ecozoom

they describe an application called “macadjan” as the bases for their map aggregation.

Macadjan (MApeo y CAtalogación en DJANgo)
Es la herramienta que nos permite la sincronización de los mapas, gestionar las entidades y clasificarlas por categorías.

(engl. translation)
Macadjan (Mapping and cataloguing in Django)
Is the tool, that allows us to synchronize the maps, query the entities & classify them by categories.

Here the github repo for macadjan-ecozoom with the last commit on the 9.9.2015 by Hirunatan (github account) the creator of the repository in nov 2013.

@species @almereyda, are you aware of that aggregator, or what it is basend on?

Maybe it could be helpful to ask them about database choices as well?

Would someone like to contact them?
A voip conversation could be very helpful at some point IMHO.

(Jon Richter) #2

No, we didn’t know the Macadjan application yet. I was surprised having seen a map about the Cooperativa Integral Catalana on their list, after witnessing the Projekt A premiere yesterday, which is unfortunately currently offline.

As contribution to the repository has been low recently, we can conclude the application to be abandoned by now.

Which doesn’t stop us from recognizing a regular Django project template and the use of OpenLayers in the interface. After using some of their maps for a while, their ecosystem feels pretty similar to the one from Encommuns.

(Josef Kreitmayer) #3

Ecozoom is still running and I think still based on it.

(Jon Richter) #4

We’re too late. The site and its data are already offline. Did we have any other direct contacts to the producers than GitHub?

(Hirunatan) #5

Hi, i’m the writer of Macadjan and webmaster of ecozoom and all its submaps.

The web is up again, it was a problem with a due dns domain. The project is discontinued, mainly because people gradually left it, and most data was migrated to

I still maintain the maps online, but there is no updates since long ago. If you have any question, you can ask here, for example.