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I’m from North of France, I’m a webmaster and I created which wants to be an “Observatory of the collaboratives and constructive practices” (we especially focus on “Solutions journalism” and Commons).

I’ve been contacted by Adrien Labaeye thanks to the maps I collected in the site.
See there : Semeoz inventory of maps

We had a hangout with Toka, see here :

Our taxonomy in english is here :
And the way we select initiatives here :

We are open to share our datas (ask for an export), and it would be great if we could connect our map category to your wiki (we could enter datas directly in your wiki) for example with a plugin ?

We are also connected with and (trying to share databases too)

See you soon :slight_smile:


(Amaury_van_Espen_van) #2

hi @Maia

i’ve just shared “sharing lille” =)



(Jon Richter) #3

Sharing Lille; what do you mean?

(Amaury_van_Espen_van) #4

the event @almereyda 2016 04 21 | sharing lille

(Adrien Labaeye) #5

Glad to have you here Maia.
@toka: could we try to plan a data import from SEMEOZ in the next weeks?
@Maia: given your experience, it could be interesting for you to review the form for every new map entry: and report here: - the transformaps atlas - Semantic Mediawiki

Generally, I’m increasingly interested in investing a bit of time and trying to get students to work on the mapping of the maps (improving the data, analyzing data, making visuals…). I believe this is an essential building block of building a community and raising interest around sharing geodata for initiatives. For me it’s of a highest priority thank building new software.

(Thomas Kalka) #6

Yes. Lets try to do that.

@Maia could you explain (or link) your workflow for collecting and editing data on semeoz here ?

(Maïa Dereva) #7

Hello toka, hello Adrien,

semeoz is a wordpress site, with a MySQL database (website host : OVH).
We use the worpress back-end to create and edit each map.
A map is a Custom Post Type that can be easily found in the database.
A map has the same taxonomy than a normal Post Type : (we don’t use the non relevant fields)
The picture is done manually (screenshot).
And the link to Pinterest is done manually too.
I can give you a data export whenever you want, but I don’t know how we could do to directly connect our databases…

About reviewing the form, I’d be glad to help you, when I find time to do this… I help many commons projects and I have to choose ! :slightly_smiling:

(Thomas Kalka) #8

We can ask this question with more focus:
which metadata and what functionality would be needed, to collect and manage your data in our wiki ?

A possible future workflow could be:

a) enter/update map into wiki
b) generate a post in your wordpress automatically by using wordpress api and some template magic
c) generate a post in pinterest by pinterest api

The benefit of such a workflow would be the possibility to work on a shared vocabulary in the wiki.

An alternative workflow could be, that you keep everything as it is and we just try to import your data.

(Maïa Dereva) #9

OK, I understand better I think, you need a list of the needed fields and their characteristics (text, length of the field, image upload, etc…) ?

(Thomas Kalka) #10

Ok, lets start with that.

Or, if you trust me enough, you could give me administrator rights on your wordpress instance.
Then I will be able look for definitions and used plugins myself.

(Maïa Dereva) #11

No problem toka, create your account and i’ll give you admin rights
It’s here : (“mot de passe” means password)
Just confirm me the nickname and e-mail you choose here with a personal message.

About the “future workflow” you propose, it would be wonderful if it happens !
About Pinterest, just notice I don’t send Semeoz URL but the real website URL of the map (I don’t care about creating artificial flow on my site).