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Currently we use two mailing lists in transformap:

We are creating a user @lists to be able to forward new posts to the mailing lists from discourse.

A GroupServer at might be available in the future.

Currently we are talking if we can integrate mailinglist functionality into discourse.

I’ve created a user lists,
it is connected with google mail account transformap.mailinglist

Now we have to subcribe this user to the mailing lists and create a
forward rule inside gmail to send mail to the lists.

We can switch email account to something not google related, when we have some time for that …

I moved a post to a new topic:

Ich habe gestern ausversehen die Mailinglisten kaputt gemacht. Es wird endlich Zeit für stabilere Infrastruktur. Diese E-Mail an beide Listen kam leider zurück:

Dear TransforMap collective.

after one and a half years of intense preparation and prototyping [1]
the technological discoursive streams converge.

The engineering circle met in preparation of two new external projects
(CHEST + SSEDAS) which will greatly advance the existing Commoning
infrastructures built with help from A&E, HB and FCF.

Despite strongly technical, the following is a thrilling read for all

The patterns of 16MMM emerge.

Please respect your environment,



Eventuell könnten wir die Mailinglisten auch schließen ?
Mir scheint, dass diese hauptsächlich zum “informiert werden” genutzt werden.
Diese funktion können wir ja auch hier in Discourse implementieren.
Dazu könnten wir ein Prozedere ausdenken und die Teilnehmer auf der Mailingliste dann individuell befragen, ob sie solch einen Weg gehen möchten …

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The lists are currently broken.

Is that now a good time to set up mailman?

I offer to help migrate the adresses from the broken ones, if I am capable.
I offer to take co-responsibility for the lists.

No, you would neet root access on which I cannot share.

I would strongy disagree with closing the mailing lists. It is currently the only media, people outside the core easily understand.

@silke @gandhiano @alabaeye @species please have your a say in that matter.

@almereyda could @toka or @species help?
What about migrating that infrastructure (just that specific part) to Ecobytes? Is that feasible?

@toka and all.

Closing mailing lists is not an option as @gualter said elsewhere:

“This conclusion we have already reached long ago, discussed it in
Berlin and I myself have years of experience in this field with NGOs and
other civil society organisations.
As far as I remember we even have built up stories for working on this
(assuring that web and mail and interoperable)”

If the mailing list FUNCTION can be integrated in discourse, brilliant!
But the idea, that the info we share on discourse will be noticed (let alone processed) by the
wider transformap circle (i.e. 70% of those who were on the now broken
mailing list), is simply wrong.
And “no flow of information”/ “no conversation” meains: no community

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Yes, exactly, we have to differentiate the functionality of a mailing list from the technical realization.
I think we all agree on having e-mailings as a main option of reaching out.

And yes, my proposal of closing mailing means exactly: lets integrate mailing list functionality into this discourse.

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In my opinion, we should have mailinglists where one doesn’t need a Discourse account (stick with mailman) - but for announcement only.

Discussions should happen on Discourse - so there should be the policy that for each announcement email sent over the lists, there should be a statement: “If you have questions, use this Discourse thread.”

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Is the mailinglist already up and running again in any form? When could it be? Taiga Task #172
@almereyda, @species, @josefkreitmayer, @alabaeye, @gandhiano

Could Ecobytes host it?

@gandhiano @almereyda @toka who has administration rights on the mailing lists? I do not have them, cannot help on this task.

I would strongly vote to migrate the to a server where it is no problem to share administration rights.

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@species you are welcome to take control of managing/setting lists, after giving me your RSA key and having a short tutorial with me - just needs a bit of time for it :smile:

But the issue #172 on Taiga has nothing to do with creating new lists, rather with fixing the existing ones. What is the problem there?

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Truck Factor.

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I will email you my PGP-signed ssh key, as soon as I am back in Graz (I’m currently staying at my parents, and I do not have my PGP keys there).

I’ve changed the MX records and SSL certificate for the associated mail service and postfix/mailman don’t understand the new hostname yet completely. It also seems some DNS entries were still malconfigured - fixed.

I don’t understand if they are working again. Could you also publish a status update on #172?