Map editors - assessing current solutions and building our own editor

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This thread started in early 2015 gathering possible map editor software for the MMM15 initiative (xTODO: Link). Currently in need of heavy rework.

Currently used software is documented elsewhere (xTODO: Link).

In use


(xTODO: link to describing page of transformap fork )

semantic mediawiki

(xTODO: link to describing page of transformap fork )



Demo ( to be opened in two browser tabs/windows to see it in full effect)


####onyourway mapping platform


very simple editor for OSM allowing kids for example to input POIs… could be usefult for integration into OSM


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29.4 ~ 3.5 : Witzenhausen Hackathon : Technical Infrastructure and Development
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Complementary (?) System: Share n Save
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Hi there. Another very interesting tool out there. It is fully-fledged editor which allows exports into OSM…

description from web: From a “simple” geographic mashup, the project now aims to become an easier way to contribute to OpenStreetMap for people interested in a particular domain, thanks to the feature to import and export OSM data. That’s why a particular effort has been made to simplify contributions for people who are no computer experts.

The associated Github

Yohan Boniface was involved, again.:
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xTODO: Lets move the contributions to different threads: one thread per tool …

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Mit @almereyda gesammelte Liste an bestehenden crowd-mapping Kartierungs-Plattformen.

mapping to collect suggested locations and comments:


share thoughts, photos and video with the world around you

#MapChat (demo stage)
map-based discussion tool that allows multiple to interact with a common map, select/draw features on the map, and integrate these …

lets you and your neighbors tell the story of your community, together.

#Ethermap (demo)
A realtime collaborative, version controlled map editor.

(Jon Richter) #14

I feel tempted to add some more links, as @wellemut recently revealed the second prototype of KVM in the discussion from Collecting current active contributors and wider circle of transformaptivists:

Associated GitHub repositories are

and from an earlier second iteration of the first prototype