Map editors for Mapathons

Original title of this thread was “Map editors - assessing current solutions and building our own editor”).

I want to signal a current bug with UMAP on simultaneous editing:

Then you should give Ethermap a try.

Ethermap Source
Ethermap Demo to be opened in two browser tabs/windows to see it in full effect.

Hell, yes! Intend to post this also on their, whoohooo, Facebook group, but already left a comment that also proposes uMap before I read Adrien’s mail and this post here.

I’m also in contact with the uMap developer who just recently decouple back- and frontend and also intends to specify its API further. Anyhow, you can already use it for up- and downloading in common geospatial file formats.

How to do the taxonimy with Umap?

don’t know… i think it’s not possible. The choice of the tool all depends on our aims.

From Trello

uMap allows different schemas per data layer.
1. Although it doesn’t seem to work for new maps; I only know of a working example imported from JSON. You could try it with
2. You can only see it when in editing mode (top-right).
3. Then you have to mouse over the layer button on the left side and select the tabular icon, not the pencil one.
3. I give you editing access to the one from to see adding and removing columns working.
4. I should file in a bug report.

Edit: The bug only appears if there is not a single feature in a layer. If you have at least one Marker/Point, Line or Shape/Polygon in your data layer, you can add as many custom fields to the data table as you like. Then do with them whatever you think they are good for.

It’s amazing to see how hard it seems for people to find this functionality.

Unfortunately BitBucket just went down some seconds ago and I’m unable to file in the bug.

@alabaeye This is not actually a bug but a (according to massive parallel mapping jams) severe limitation in the current implementation. So it can’t be used for mapping jams (massive parallel data entry) at the moment as the last saver would eliminate the work of all the others.

@almereyda Ethermap dosen’t have that problem as editing is realtime here. But at my fist glance I didn’t see how to do our taxonomy there as well.

The onYOURway editor is somewhere in between. It doesen’t (yet) show changes of other users without refresh but saves changes on a per item (not like uMap per map) basis, so multiple mappers in the same map at the same time are supported.

@Michael @almereyda: so do you think that would be a strong limitation in further building upon Umap? It would be good to ask Yohan Boniface (main developer of UMAP) what plans he has regarding overcoming that limitation. Let’s ask him when he’s back from Africa (mid October).

It would equally be good to see how we can build up on Ethermap and integrate our taxonomy into it.

What are the current barriers in using onYOURway editor?

Every map feature can carry arbitrary properties in the key:value form.
Check out our testmap.

Unfortunately it doesn’t have permalinks to the objects, but you can use the History view for scrolling through them.

It is.

@daniel is currently waiting for response from @Michael to deploy it using the Mono framework.

Irritatingly the issue has been marked solved, despite the doesn’t contain the requested infos, yet. Currently the dependencies on commercial software are a show blocker, from my point of view.

I was contact via the mail, after the suggestion received from this

And i am now having a email conversation with Tom from shareable

What i see , at least for the input of the data, as others are saying, is to use JOSM editor and to add the data directly into OpenStreetMap
In osm you have almost all the tags needed, and if a tag is missing, it can be created.

From what i see and the maps that where made last year, over 70 % of the tags can be found in a way or another in osm

2 examples :

Also, each amenity can show if is accessible to persons in wheelchair if the users put the necessary tag, and also the opening_hours tag can be parsed and show on the map!16/51.8394/12.2319/type=all/mon=place_all/office=office_all/craft=craft_all/store=store_all/theatre_genre=theatre_genre_all/tourism_type=tourism_all/
This is a proprietary map but a open source solution can be made, there are different github projects that you can find

More information can be found on the wiki page

Also, to create a wiki page designed specific for the majority of tag`s that will be needed to be entered, and maybe a quick tutorial or some sets of data.

All of the resources can be put into a linux running virtual machine, so that the users will have everything setup, JOSM with all the plugins, what ever else would be needed.
You can create a style special made to highlight just the details that you want

They will just have to install Virtual Box and download the image file, and the setup will be the same for everybody. You can also pre-install it with Teamviewer , or another software that will allow for quick troubleshooting , and also you will be able to pre-configure a lot of things.

The same approach that the guys at OS-Geo Live are doing

Everything that is added related to the mapjam to have a tag, per example

Or something similar, in this way you can take a tool that shows the modification in real-time on openstreetmap, but show only the tags that have mapjam=2014
Like this github example :

And in this way you can have a real time, and also record the screen and have it as a video

As for uMap, i was not able to find a way to export the data, and created this bug request

And also a more simplified way of showing and changing the symbol of the icon

One lost thing, if you want, for the marketplace, you can even provide a real time “google” street view with mapillary, that allows anybody with a cell phone to capture a place.
So in a community garden or a marketplace, instead of only showing a picture, you can have the people virtually walking into the place, exploring it

Have a good day,
Florin Badita
OSM Romania


thanks @Badita_Florin for plugging your knowledge into the discussion!
Not being the techie one, I would just thank you for your contribution and let others answer as they see fit.

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