Map prototypes run by transformappers

I start a new topic to gather the links of the various (prototype) maps that may be produced by various members of TransforMap.
I propose to follow the format:

map title, city/country (mappers/owners): explanation if necessary

@alabaeye Did you know you can turn your post into a wiki post, so others can edit it? Try it out, search for the wrench icon below it.

Do not forget THE TransforMap!
The map is focused on Graz, because of the most entries are here - but it works worldwide:

TransforMap, Worldwide (© OSM Contributors):

For the moment this might be true, but in the future this will not be the case.
Also please try to add this entry to @alabaeye’s list above, so we can collect collaboratively.

i updated the post as a wikipost so everyone can update it and we keep that list on top @species: please add

The map I made is currently out of the focus of TransforMap, and I want to keep it that way until the overall project with the social processes here in Austria and everything around is done. That will take about 1 year as I estimate. It is about mapping innovative forms of education mainly in the elementary, primary, and secondary education.

It is one of those many specific areas of social innovation that is not yet covered by transformap, and I think should not be tried to cover before we got the first area (collaborative economies in the broadest sense) and some map integrations of that area running.

I wonder how we get all that data that is now cluttered in those maps together in the one that is on

Depending on the licences given to the map’s data, each one is free to decide themselves what to do with it. This is where Open Source innovation comes from. As no licence has been applied to Josef’s map, we cannot use it without his approval. Not counting in if he had the licence to publish all that.

Another question is then if we only focus on collaborative economies, which I find kind of narrow, or socio-ecologic innovation in its broadest sense. That’s something else.

That’s another question. But first we have to (1) move it to its new subdomain mappings. and (2) have a proper strategy for that collection, too.

@wellemut: why did you use Green Map? I saw why you didn’t use the OSM editor, but not why you used greenmap which is stuck into google terms of use…
didn’t you know of ? It’s quite good for basic mapping. :slight_smile:

Greenmap was the best platform to present everything, because if it’s symbols and easy categorisation. All the content from greenmap we can export easily. Google has no restrictions to the data we put in.

Umap is even easier to use, but more difficult to build layers and stuff.

As soon we have a system, we will move.

@species I am now not sure anymore what is right or wrong. Do you have any links to a legal screening of Google’s Terms of Use?

@almereyda @wellemut My understanding is that you’re not allowed to export the coordinates (Lat/Long) you created through the use of Google services. So technically you wouldn’t be allowed to export your map unless you had imported all the data (included coordinates) from an existing dataset:

@alabaeye @wellemut Adrien is correct - you are only allowed to use content of GMaps if you own ALL aspects of the data.
We have summarized this here: