Mapping Meetup Munich—18+19 June 2015

By Daniel Überall:

wir - die anstiftung - hatte ja zugesagt, Mitte März ein „Mapping-Meeting“ zu machen. Hierzu nun zwei Fragen:

a) ist das Interface technisch dann schon so weit, dass auch Laien Locations eingeben können?

b) mit welchen Protagonisten wird aktuell in München hierzu gesprochen, ich will vermeiden, dass irgendwas redundant organisiert wird.


This changed a bit.
We’re now :clipboard: meeting on June 18+19 in a yet undecided place.

Read more in the :books: 15MMMunich Dossier.

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Are there people who would join me going Berlin/Potsdam <-> Munich by car ?

hallo Thomas,

is it easy to bring a printer, if you come by car?
Would be helpful for 15mmm accounting eg.

: )

thank you @almereyda for the constructive coproduction of knowledge.

thx to @DavidW and Thomas Schwab, BenE München e.V,
haben wir einen Raum:

Besprechungsraum Ledererstr. 19, 1.OG. 80331 München
An beiden Tagen ist uns der Raum ganztags verfügbar bis auf jeweils 2 Stunden, die wir in Kleingruppen z.B. überbrücken können in Nebenräumen. (Do. 16:00-18:00 und Fr. 10:15-12:30). Sicher sind wir kreativ genug für diese Zeit mit z.B. zwei Kleingruppen in den BenE Räumen Ledererstr. 17 oder woanders eine Überbrückung zu schaffen.

Liebe Grüße von

Thomas Schwab

BenE München e.V. | Regionales Kompetenzzentrum zur Förderung der Bildung für eine nachhaltige Entwicklung
Ledererstraße 17, 80331 München

Please allow me to express and reassure my discontent with the use of the popular secret background conversations anti-pattern in collective processes, especially when using email.

To be frank, the conversation and state of this task was to be tracked on :clipboard: , but I know already that web-based workflows aren’t longed for at all times.

Also, for myself I’d like to focus on creating our mapping infrastructure instead of cleaning up behind others.

The pad :page_facing_up: at :books:, in context
:books::page_facing_up: , until now doesn’t specify anything regarding the schedule.

I’m a bit surprised that nearly half of the time we have to be elsewhere than this room. Is there another place where we can sit together and continue working?

Otherwise I would propose to use those time slots for walking reflection and learning, but this would be highly dependent on the weather.

I already included on the meeting pad some first ideas for a retrospective, which we could partially make as we walk. We could split into two groups, techies and non-techies - that talk and walk about what went well and bad, take some notes. Then we come inside again and make a collective systematization/retrospective.

I also feel there is a need for some learning from each other some skills/get an overview of what the others are doing. I could think of some methodology to promote a fruitful exchange between members of different groups, articulating both outdoor time with indoor time. I started listing some topics on the pad, feel free to add also your needs.

Slightly off-topic: if it is so difficult to find a place to meet in Munich, please consider in the future to meet on a nicer, cheaper, accessible and room abundant place, where we can make some money flow into the alternatives themselves (I’m obviously thinking of the Transition House in Witzenhausen ;))