Mapping needs, but also the flows of material

Hallo. At the national meeting of the network solidarity economy in Triest, Italy, Euclides Mance from Brasil was present. He wrote a book on “The revolution of the networks” and recommends mapping as a means of networking, that strenghtens all nodes of the network.
He suggests to map not only the needs, but also the flows of material:
what imput does an initiative, a group, a cooperative or other company need? What rawmaterials, energy, services etc. does it need and what does it produce as outcome? Not only products and services, but also what waste material (ex.: straw, manure, organic waste, woodchips etc.) that can be used by other nodes in the network.
This way other nodes can see what there is in their neighborhood and can use it, may be. This way synergy can arise, energy for transport is saved, jobs can be created and the network becomes stronger.
Just a suggestion.


Hi Giuliana, interesting; is there any hint on how to map flows?
Examples he gave?

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No. The “school” was some days bevore the meeting at the weekend. Therefore I only heard of it, but I could not attend his lecture, as I was in München. I think we should add 2 attributes of the “nodes” (initiatives): input and output. The initiatives should specify what they need and what they produce as goods and services but also as waste.

We’ve been working on a common vocabulary for defining such flows here:

All are welcome to participate.

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