Mapping the Transformap Ecosystem

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On this metamap we vizualize this Who is Who, the inner ecosystem (what’s directly relevant to Transformap) and the wider ecosystem (the organizations/groups contributors are affiliated with). Work in progress - you’re invited to contribute (please follow the patterns established or fork it).
ping to @almereyda @toka @josefkreitmayer
I would like to send this as we reactivate the community through the mailing list to help people get an overview of who and what is Transformap.


Discourse adaptations to TransforMap's needs
Community Report #1: 31st March 2016
"Worker ownership and cooperatives will not succeed by competing on capitalism’s terms."
Resources, People, Networks: Mapping the Ecosystem
Search interface for a database of skills?
(Jon Richter) #3

@alabaeye Many thanks for your effort in starting the social graph! I wish we can also maintain the data in a structured format for later reuse. There once were conversations between @elfpavlik and Metamaps to implement a JSON-LD endpoint which eventually led to a remote hackweekend together, but I had never heard of it again.

Addendum I especially like how you put the circle of individual peers, being on the same level the semi-permeable epidermis of transformaps, as the distinction moment between literally inside and outside. Looking at the legend then reveals to us the inherent dimensionalities of this diagrammatic visualisation.

activity, catalyst, group, list, media, person, platform, project, resource, story

####activity, catalyst, group, list, media, person, platform, project, resource, story

@toka Can we use the in browser scraper from Hyphe to capture what we find from view-source: onwards?

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As metamaps is currently a little complex for me, but in conversation with @almereyda I also come to conclude, that it is very useful, I just share here, if a contact could be added, and also add a little context.

  • Wikimedia Foundation | Berlin | Daniela Gentner
    From August 2015 to November 2015 we had the monthly Event “Mapping the Commons” running at Wikimedia. At the current moment (March 2016), we stopped it, as (one of the reasons) the main organizer Jon Richter wants to focus on the technical development process. There is a possible interest to restart the event in another format / hosting / focus again at some point again.

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we could actually restart the event focusing on mapping specific commons-oriented ecosystems:

All of them will often overlap. With metamaps this means they will actually build upon each other (you can reuse each node from one to another map).
As for data export/import:

"Worker ownership and cooperatives will not succeed by competing on capitalism’s terms."
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Thanks @alabaeye for picking up this highly relevant work. You will see it also aligns in our effort to follow the developments of the Value Flows collective.

cc @bhaugen @fosterlynn @elfpavlik

(Jon Richter) #8

Well, I tried something else instead, see

We should now be able to refine the results by adapting

After following some links in, it seems using ineed may be quick and dirty solution for better handling of the data due to its collect.jsCode or reprocess.jsCode(var replacer = function (jsCodeString) { return ... }) methods. This could help to avoid using eval() at all.

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sound interesting. Is there something to vizualize (eg. viz like Hyphe) or it needs further work? or not the goal?

(Jon Richter) #10

Up until now there was no goal at all. Isn’t Metamaps already a visualization good enough? So what could we possibly build with this data?

(Adrien Labaeye) #11

yes I think metamaps is a fair vizualization.
What I’m stuck with is connecting easily a metamaps to a table type of database with low technical skills: and in both ways. As a first step an import/export to csv would be great. Then I can produce and maintain more metamaps while knowing that data will not be lost in a silo (given my low tech skills - and little time/motivation to learn a lot more).
Goal is to support the collective awareness of open groups starting with those I contribute: transformap, thinkfarm, sharing cities… I don’t see this as a transformap dev priority though.Nevertheless, our capacity to map the ecosystem around transformap will feed our CHEST reporting.

Later have a way to sync a table-like database to a metamap: e.g. connecting this metamap and this listing

(Thomas Kalka) #12

We will have to wait for api at least.

It seems that we could use an own development install of metamaps to play with this feature.

(Thomas Kalka) #14

While waiting for the metamaps features you could try
Its easy to get data in and out.

(Adrien Labaeye) #16

thanks. Will look at it. But I don’t think I want to invest time in it.

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