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Hi all,

In the last days, I’ve developed some new features for our maps on Especially a new sidebar, which features:

  • A list of other thematic Transfor-Maps
  • The map key (legend) for the current map
  • a short explanation (“About”) about the current map

You can see the current development version here on my server.

I would like to have some feedback (either here in this thread or in the issue tracker ), before I deploy it on

The long-awaited filters (for filtering based on needs, interaction and identity) are in development, I hope to finish them next week. Also there are some more maps in the pipeline, e.g. a “freegan” and a “fairtrade”-map.

@Silke, @gandhiano, @almereyda any suggestions?


Hi @species good work. It looks really good!

One minor thing I did spot is that generally Transition Initiatives describe themselves without the ‘Town’ these days. Some will still use ‘Transition Town XYZ’ but they are in the minority I think.

Partly I think it’s an intentional move to broaden the appeal to those in rural areas, cities etc.

Thanks @SamRossiter, I’ve changed the labels and descriptions for the Transition initiatives .

@toka do you use the labels and descriptions in your Semantic Mediawiki too?

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As there were no more objections, I’ve deployed the new changes on

@species … all this sounds awesome to me. I have now idea how to reply
on github and how to provide feedback.
The filters will help me to explain to others the way I visualize
TransforMap a great deal.

go ahead!

We should provide time frames for those questions.
How do we make sure we are talking the same visual language on all sites TransforMap?

GitHub has an issue tracking system (think of Trello cards) for bugs, todos and suggestions. You can view the current issues here. You need an account on github for filing issues (every developer usually has one, but Josef too!).

That’s why I wrote “either here in this thread” - I meant everyone can directly reply here in this Thread/category too :smile:

Thanks for the hint! Will do that next time. What timeframe would you suggest? 3d, 1w?

Do we have “corporate design” guidelines yet? Who is responsible?
I tried to use colours from the startpage where it makes sense.

I think that depends on the task. @gandhiano’s Pull Request for the landing page, for example, was kind of urgent, but is still not merged, due to content architecture and design issues.

Well, there was this friend from @wellemut last year, who wanted to help out with this. Until now we’re improvising all the time. The current discussion on this is at :clipboard: Color scheme and media.

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Hi all

I just had a look on my mobile device (Android 4.2, Chrome 43.0.2357.92)

The sidebar takes up most of the screen, leaving only a very small section of the map visible.



Thank’s, I’m aware of that - maybe I should hide the sidebar on default if the display-width is below a certain threshold. I’ve created an issue on github.

Meanwhile, you can use the “(»]”-button to manually hide the sidebar.

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Hi @species I’m not seeing the arrow for some reason. Screenshot attached.

Ah - it is hidden by the now longer attribution, thanks!
I’ve tried it myself, if you flip to landscape mode you can click it and then use it in portait mode :wink:

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