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I’m working with @ColmJunior at the Institute for Solidarity Economics (ISE), Oxford, UK.

ISE is new, formed in the first half of 2015. We (along with many others we’ve talked to) believe that an important step towards growing the “alternative” economy, in all its varied forms, is to know who’s already operating within it. Currently, it is not possible to answer this question, even approximately. Does that sound familiar?

We have just started a project, working with other interested parties in the UK, to address this problem. Fortunately, we have found TransforMap, and realise that there is a huge overlap between our goals. We are not fans of reinventing the wheel! To put that another way, I want to find out if there is any reason why we cannot implement our project ‘simply’ by populating TransforMap. To start with, I have a list of approaching 10,000 co-operatives in the UK. I don’t want to include too much detail here, as I think that it is better to use separate threads on this forum to get into detailed discussions.

My own background is in mathematics and software engineering.

People might believe the current demo-map is "TransforMap"?
Susy-Map in action
2015 12 16 | Oxford | P6Data Hack Day
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hello @mattw welcome to TransforMap! : )

Are you on GitHub? Do you want to join TransforMap as well there?

Would you like to share more?

Are you one of the programmers of the project described by @ColmJunior?

Nice to have you here!

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Yes, I am on GitHub. I’m very happy to join TransforMap there. Is there anything in particular I need to do to join?

Share more about my background? Sure.

I’ve been writing software for a long time. Most recently, the programming languages I’ve been using include C++, Java (mostly for web apps using GWT), Javascript, Ruby, Xslt (and other XML technologies), Gnu Make … I enjoy working on software design at pretty much all levels, from coding to systems design and architecture, and love opportunities for algorithm design (these don’t come up very often as most problems have already been solved). My mathematics background is in pure maths, logic, formal program specification (e.g. Z and CSP), some statistics, and other things too … I’m a big fan of Open Data and the Semantic Web, but have done little concrete work in either, mostly reading and conducting thought experiments!

That project is at too early a stage to have any programming activities, but in theory, yes.

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We need your github account to invite you :smile:

May you add it to the first post in this thread, as well as other (Social Media, Mail?) contact details?

and welcome on board!

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Due to Tim’s recent blog post about

@bhaugen offered to help out with some issues around modeling value flows.

@mattw May you assist in connecting both? We’d be pleased to host and document said conversation on this Discourse.

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Hey @almereyda - somebody else (@mattw) understands that (and I quote you) “we are all building the same system”!

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@almereyda, @bhaugen, I have just sent an email (reproduced below with slightly confusing oneboxing!) to Tim Davies and Steven Flowers. Anything else I can do to help?

With regard to

there is an offer of help from people working on Value Flows. See

Matt Wallis (@mattw)

I am hoping the links provide enough for you to introduce yourselves.

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See also