Meeting in Berlin 11. - 14. April

(Josef Kreitmayer) #1


As apart from @species noone responded to this Trello thread, here the content again:

@species I guess it does not make sense, but here we are. Please make the bookings. Nobody is responding to the earlier request to think about, if the meeting makes sense.

As @alabaeye followed his latest information, and announced it, there is very likely something public going to happen.

I am going to book my trains for arriving 11. in the morning and leaving 14. in the morning.

@gandhiano, @almereyda what is your priorities for the comming planned berlin meeting?

I think, we need 2 standups per week again. One is simply not enough. Usually that is a daily practice, to keep track of developments. We are very often very much lost in socio-technical translation.

@alabaeye I really like the practice of announcing events via the list. It would be great to also have representations of them in discourse / or another web-media we agree on for the future.

Here the links as they were published via the mailing-list:

We are convening a VoCamp (Vocabulary Camp) in Berlin this 12th of April to explore similarities in the vocabularies used by existing mapping initiatives. Want to participate? Help organize the event? Check the pad here

On 13th of April we celebrate (because it’s always good to celebrate!) our community at the Thinkfarm Berlin: cooking and eating together with a relaxed evening. Please register here:

I personally see it strange to have a 2 year celebration announced without anyone that was there requested for participating in finding a common date. But now that is how it is I guess.

Weekly project schedule
(Gualter Barbas Baptista) #2

I have expressed some doubts about this on the pad, but now that I saw it is in the evening, I find it ok, as long as it is not taking us work energy from the day. We definitely will need the day of concentrated work after the VoCamp, as we are putting the effort of coming together and it was originally planned that we work 3 days together (with the event in the middle it’s already quite a break).

Furthermore, I think it would be important if everyone is ready to start on the 11th at 10 AM. If we start too late, there is the risk that we get into really unproductive days, which we cannot afford on this phase and with the resources we are putting into this meeting.

(Gualter Barbas Baptista) #3

For the record, I am arriving already on the evening of 6th to Berlin (asked @josefkreitmayer per SMS/Signal to buy my ticket, but if I get no feedback in the next hour, will buy it myself).

I would propose sitting together with the Berliners @kei @almereyda @toka @alabaeye for our common working session on Thursday morning - at least if some of you would be available, and we can find a nice place to work together (planning the week and eventually pairing).

I will be then returning on the 14th.

(Adrien Labaeye) #4

cannot participate on Thursday.

For the whole meeting 3 days, I see we again start an hectic flow (at least from the outside where I sit). I communicated what the events plans were in the community report, but I’m not really convinced of having a VoCamp while we have no location, and haven’t started inviting people…
I would propose the following:

  • to announce a hangout or some sort of webinar instead of a VoCamp, convening some specific persons/organizations to think the organization of a future VoCamp… (we have no plans so far). The goal would be to produce a written description of such a VoCamp including goals, methodology, audience.
  • to rebrand the “celebration” as an evening meetup 2 years later where we invite anyone who has been part of the community (in the region of Berlin…) so far - with an email invitation specific to those people: @Giuliana @fraukehehl @klaus @toka @ateuchert @Thomas_D @simonline @Luca @TDoennebrink… The goal would be to reconnect on the individual level. I took the responsibility to book the Thinkfarm kitchen/living room for that occasion.

@almereyda: I kind of understood, you agree with that proposal. @species: it seems you were not sure about travelling anyway. @gandhiano? (we could meet anyway, maybe twice: once with @kei and @almereyda for the online call about VoCamp and another bilateral).

I will personally not participate in working sessions as I don’t see what will be my contribution. I have too much to do aside to afford such meetings. I’m happy to work in pairs on specific tasks.

2016 04 12 | VoCamp | Berlin
(Josef Kreitmayer) #5

@alabaeye +1

(Gualter Barbas Baptista) #6

I generally agree with your proposals. I was also kind of surprised with the whole series of ambitious events, as I thought we would have only a small public meeting to connect with the shareable mapping jams, then using the 3 days to actually plan and work in team. Reframing and lowering their weight would be in my opinion very positive for a good process in Berlin.

I personally think it is very useful that you join the working sessions, and I don’t think they will be as technical/development oriented as at the last Hackathon in Witzenhausen. I would, for example, find it very useful to pair with you to work on communication/publication workflows.

(Michael Maier) #7

Definitely yes. But maybe this should be split into another topic?

Due to the long delay in planning this meeting and no yet answer to my question “What do you expect to be my contribution?” I have decided that it does not make sense for me to fly to Berlin for three days. I have social life here in Graz too, and I cannot be that spontaneous at the moment. So I will be only able to attend online.

(Josef Kreitmayer) #9

thank you @gandhiano for the hint to look in the pad: here

See you tomorrow at 11 at Schillerpalais.
Looking forward to the next steps.