Mexican map-platform "Vientos"

(Michael Maier) #21

I have created some styles with CartoCSS. But I did it manually, by forking openstreetmap-carto, editing the CSS source files and compiling it… I did use it only with a full-blown OSM rendering stack (PostGIS DB, Apache/mod_tile, Tirex). If you’re not familiar with setting that up, you can try to use TileMill - But I have no experience with it.

(Sebastian Romero) #22

yo yo michael, we are trying to find some layers for OSM so we can add metro lines, neighbourhoods, etcetera, do you know where can we find some for mexico city? cheers! thanks

(Michael Maier) #23

What do you mean with “layers”? OSM does not have the concept of layers, as in classical GIS. Every feature is specified by its tags.

OpenStreetMap is global, so every object is tagged is the same all over the world.

Are you searching for a nice background map, or do you want to display (clickable) vector data above a base map?

(Raul Rodriguez) #24

Thanks Michael. Thats is what we want. To make a little more visible, and some times clickable, certain areas in the map. Lets say neighborhoods, metro lines, known public places, etc. Any idea what technology would be better for this? Maybe there are already repositories where you can get the coordinates of the vectors of polygons of a certain city, but we haven’t found it yet

(Michael Maier) #25

This is easy, the technology to use is to get the geometries from the Overpass API.
You can get everything you want from OSM (POIs, public transport lines, city borders, …) from the overpass servers, they are usually only minutes behind the main OSM DB.

Have a look at this repository, especially the public transport map. For sure you can combine different layers for POIs, metro lines, areas etc.

(Jon Richter) #26

@ralexrdz Do we know if this changed? does not yet indicate a URL.

(Sebastian Romero) #27

@almereyda we are releasing our beta in 2 weeks :slight_smile: or was your question about the github?

(Jon Richter) #28

No, your answer was correctly. I wanted to know where or when I could see a live instance of vientos.

(Jon Richter) #29

Did this happen? We would be very keen on having a look at a live prototype.

Thanks to @elfpavlik we know a test deployment exists at

(Sebastian Romero) #30

sorry for not replying before, its been really crazy time with Vientos, the beta is constantly changing and still in development. Would love to give you a personal tour through the prototype

(Jon Richter) #31

503 Service Unavailable. Any help which we could offer again?

(Sebastian Romero) #32

hey @almereyda I dont see the 503 service unavailable. Here is the english version Thanks very much for offering to help, it is very much appreciated. Do you code?

(Josef Kreitmayer) #33

hello @Sebastian-Romero I want to congratulate you to your amazing design. The site looks really appealing and engaging. Also the topics and perspectives are really inspiring. Is it possible to beta-test? That would be really awesome!

What we were working on in the last months is by far not as fancy, and is currently just focused on multilingual maps of solidarity economy initiatives (with the concept of an agnostic mapping ecosystem underneath, that can be replicated with various perspectives on subsets of the same data). We are in finalizing the process to build the map for, the Susy-Map.

We are currently starting with the development process for the editor and required API development.

(Sebastian Romero) #34

Hey @josefkreitmayer and @almereyda ,

We are here with @elfpavlik talking about platforms and cool stuff. Piwik for example. Not sure can we all collaborate, we are open source and currently working on a well-documented github repo. Lets collaborate! Let me get you an account to use the beta version.

@ralexrdz is the main developer behind Vientos so it would also be good to communicate all of us.

hope you are doing well.


(Jon Richter) #35

It’s offline again :frowning:

(Sebastian Romero) #36

Hi Jon, its supposed to be back up in May for some real user testing :slight_smile:

(Jon Richter) #37

Yes, @elfpavlik was so nice to tell me the link and how to look out for the registration on the IDP.

Additionally I was asking for the sources for translating the UI strings, which are supposedly on Transifex, but we couldn’t find them. Any pointers how to internationalise the audience with translating few strings?

(Raul Rodriguez) #38

you can find the repo for labels in