Michael Maier (@species) - OSM expert

(Michael Maier) #1

OpenStreetMap activist, local community coordinator.
Free Software and Open Data advocate.

I’m responsible for the maps on http://demo.transformap.co.

What are my skills?

+++ Expert for OSM-Tools

  • setting up OSM-Toolchains (Rendering, Geocoding, Routing,…)
  • juggling with tools like osmosis, osmconvert/filter
  • JOSM

++ (fluent, but not expert)

  • JavaScript, HTML/CSS
  • Unix shellscript/bash
  • System Administration Debian/Ubuntu
  • overpass QL

(Basic knowledge)

  • SQL
  • Perl
  • Python
  • C/C++
  • PHP
  • QGIS

What are my goals?

I’m unhappy with the current map-situation and my main goal is to stop the fragmentation of maps…

  • There are thousands of mapping projects, each with their own sites, who are mapping the same things over and over, not knowing of each other - what a waste of time!
  • Most mapping systems out there are incompatible, use different terminology for the same things, and can therefore neither be compared nor merged.
  • If one mapping initiative shuts down, data is lost - with a global movement, others can take care more easily.
  • Almost all mapping systems are focused on one city/area. There are e.g. maps of community gardens in London, Vancouver, Berlin, DC, Portland, … a different map for each region, which does not make sense, neither technically nor in terms of manpower needed to maintain all these maps.

I want TransforMap to unify all those mapping systems.


As I’m practically self-employed, I have no regular working times. I try to attend our regular meetings on Tuesday and Thursday.
Besides that, just ping me on Jabber, or write me an email. If it is urgent, you can call me on my mobile phone any time. If I’m occupied, I will call or SMS back.

How to get Jabber (Chat)
(Thomas Kalka) #4

Michael, könntest Du mich mit einem Link zur Beschreibung der OSM Server versehen ?
Ich würde gerne abschätzen, was man für eine eigene Instanz aufsetzen müsste.

(Michael Maier) #5


Die OSM-DB ist im sogenannten Rails-Port integriert, das dazugehörige github-repo heißt openstreetmap-website, die Installation Instructions gibts hier.

Es gibt auch die Möglichkeit, das in eine VM zu packen mit Vagrant (siehe VAGRANT.md)- sollte zum testen schneller gehen.

(Josef Kreitmayer) #8

Hallo @species Ich bin draufgekommen, dass es hilfreich ist, wenn im Who is Who bei der Überschrift auch schon etwas Kontext steht. Vielleicht magst du “OSM - expert o.ä. hinschreiben” : ) um ein bisschen Kontext zu geben, wenn jemand das erste mal draufschaut : )

(Jon Richter) #9

Expert ist schon eine äußerste Elitarisierung unserer Rollen. OSM community member wäre IMHO eine zutrefflichere Bezeichnung solcher Zusammenhänge. Mithin besser als OSM consultant o.ä.

(Josef Kreitmayer) #10


sehe ich nicht so.

(Michael Maier) #11

The official job title I would give myself in the capitalist economy would be ‘consultant’ - but I wouldn’t use the word here.

(Josef Kreitmayer) #16

When I saw, that @species is currently ill, and with respect to the latest discussions we had together about the role of OSM in SSEDAS (which is not yet clear, but there is a tendency it will not be the poi-database), I feel stupid to have proposed that “title” and involuntarily narrowed the competencies of Michael down to that frame. [quote=“josefkreitmayer, post:8, topic:227”]
Vielleicht magst du “OSM - expert o.ä. hinschreiben” : )

##@species would you like to obtain a more broad self description like “geodata expert”?
##Which you are!

(Michael Maier) #17

I am clearly no “expert” on geodata, as e.g. people with an university degree in geodesy are.

I know how to handle geodata, e.g. with Qgis on a basic level - but I would not even dare to call me an geo-expert.