missing entries

Please enter new data directly in our semantic wiki.

If you do not find the time or commitment to do it yourself, post them here and pray, that someone will do it for you.

Please remove posts, when a suitable entry exists.

mapping hackerspaces:

Hi @josefkreitmayer, according to the latest state of the discussion with @toka, this info and data should be stored in

to not duplicate efforts. Discourse can do many things, but it certainly is less the space to collect the mappings than the Etherpads or the Google Spreadsheets were.


@josefkreitmayer please do not post private contact data in public threads !
I removed your last post, containing a link to http://imaxinaria.org/

I think this is his way to say : Fuck, your input masks and mapping directories suck; I want to get rid of this info, so I dump it wherever I feel it fits for the moment. Should the others clean up later.

Sometimes this is better as waiting to do it yourself forever …

@josefkreitmayer I suppose, you just did not find time to get familiar with the semantic wiki ?
Do you need help, doing that ?

: )
honestly, (withouth the fuck you : ) : ) Jon put it quite right : )

@toka, as I saw, that the category I initially opened is not visible, please return all my input there as it was, or the contact data as it was. Or, at least do not delete my input any more. Yes, I simply want to dump stuff there to deal with it later from end of may, when I have more time ressources.

As I understand, we currently do not have an input mask for mappings, but for POIs.
@toka, Please rework the POI mediawiki questionaire, as requested by me and Adrien. That would be very helpful.

best Josef

Did you took a look at http://mmm.3oe.de/wiki/Form:Datasource ?

No. You can not enter private data here. We agreed on not publishing private data.


as the datasource entry is not part of 15mmm I did not have a look at it. If you do not mind, I would have a look at it after 25th may.

As I understood, you put the thread, where I put the data in as not public. In my understanding, the data is not published then. It is for internal use. If that is right, that it is not publicly visible, I would very much apprechiate to still fill it with data.


No. Could you provide a pointer where I wrote this ?

You are free to enter anything without private data here.
Please take the time to remove telefone numbers, adresses and emails from posts.

But: It will take you 5 minutes to learn the Datasource-Form, which is quite similar to the POI form.