Moderation of Contributions : BikeCitizens

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(Jon Richter) #1

Together with my friend Andi from Spreefeld next door, I’ve tried to add the BikeCitizens map from Austria and Berlin to the Collection of Mappings. I’ve also created a user Almereyda to do so, but unfortunately I can’t see anything in the moderation queue, nor this contribution anywhere else in the wiki.

Is it lost?

(Thomas Kalka) #2

It’s not lost.
You just can’t see anything in the moderation queue, if you do not have moderation rights (which you have now).

But, we do have to find a way to be informed, if the moderation queue is not empty.

(Jon Richter) #3

I was talking from a new user perspective. It took me five minutes to look around in the wiki, if my entry is still present. Why is there a moderator queue in the first place? Wiki editors want to see their contributions immediately, and not being left without any clue where it is.
Sometimes you even want to edit something immediately.

Maybe we keep moderation as a security measure, only if spamming increases?

(Thomas Kalka) #4

Hm. The wiki was flooded with spam one day after start.

The main idea behind moderation is that you as a user should see no difference.
But for all others your edits are sandboxed (or should be).

See also
This was the best solution to the massive spam attacks on the site.

If there are problems: it would be nice, if someone could dig deeper into that.

(Thomas Kalka) #6

One could file a feature request to the mediawiki moderation plugin on showing the status of own edits in the moderation queue.

(Jon Richter) #7

I like your approach of distributing feature requests to upstream.