Multilinguality and preferred normalisation

(Michael Maier) #1

Could you please stick to English?

Usually I ignore threads titled that do not address me because they are in a non-standard language.

Community meetings 2016
(Jon Richter) #2

We live in a non-standard world. Many of our international partners carry a cultural background heavily influenced by latin-based language cultures. I thought the earlier title of Réunion communautaire could be an enjoyable distraction from the normalised English we subscribe to at most other times. Although it may be true for English being the de facto natural language standard in computing and research, I have to cut the argument short and quote @Giuliana here: Let the users use the language they want!

And working in multiple languages, either formal or natural, throughout every day, tells us about the ambiguity and shallowness of literally perceived speech acts. Also we can easily understand that control over language is an artificial act of oppression and, in addition, negation of difference. Which we rather need to sustain, if we are to solve our riddle collectively.

(Michael Maier) #3

In short: You are discriminating the whole non-Francophile world with your style.

This is exactly the way to loose people like me. I will not follow any global discussions not in English, because I refuse to put every string in an automatic translator manually to check if the topic affects me.

TransforMap should connect the world, not split it apart. If you don’t want less-abled minds in your vicinity, then go wherever you want - without me.