Navigating pattern languages for mapping the transformations

(Josef Kreitmayer) #1

Today when the workshop was briefly mentioned by @gandhiano,
@almereyda left the conversation with expressed frustration, that noone cared about the workshop up to now.

The workshop is somehow planned and up to now budgeted. @almereyda did the best he could. There was little allignment with the communty (or what it is in the current state) or the rest of the team, some with @gandhiano, as they are physically present and coworking in Witzenhausen quite often.

@Silke will very likely come to Witzenhausen for the Workshop.
Jon mentioned, about 10 days ago, that he could not get response in communicating with her for quite some time, and cannot get relevant information for planning the workshop. From that situation, he interpreted best he could and worked with the information he got up to then. Maybe that situation changed in that timeframe.

there is some informatione as well as a registration form here:
@gandhiano checked, there is 0 registered people in that registration system.
@almereyda mentioned, that very interesting people on the side of technical ontologies (hope I did not get that wrong) agreed to be available online.

@alabaeye are you aware of the workshop and will attend?
@gandhiano expressed, that he has some other appointment that date.
@species will stay in austria, and also has other appointments.
@josefkreitmayer was explicitly asked not to come, asked for possibilities to join, but without resonable response, dedicated otherwise.
Is anyone else from the various circles of current and prior contributors invited?
I think I briefly asked @toka in a phone conversation, and he denied. Apart from that I do not know.

That is some information, that I could get together.

What is the status from other sides?

@species and @gandhiano mentioned, that they would like to focus on getting the infrastructure running.
@alabaeye was missed in communication since his latest travel.
@silke is that on your scedule, and what is your expectation towards it?

principles for commoning TransforMap - generating a global mapping commons
The Transformap architecture in simple terms
(Josef Kreitmayer) #2

Should we actually postpone the workshop to a later point and then fully go for it?

The invitation shared in the federated Wiki, crafted by @almereyda sounds lovely:

This workshop invites the users, communities and maintainers of the crowdmapping initiative [ TransforMap] to articulate a pattern language of mapping the transformations: a narration about the social, economic and technologic needs of a distributed mapping process.

It seems quite far from the current reality of the current setup of the workshop, that would happen on 29. - 30. June.

  • Given the ressources we dedicated for it (2000€ all in),
  • in combination with the perspecitves of the initial idea (as far as it is represented in the description in the federated wiki),
  • and the current situation, that we actually urgently need the capacities of @almereyda in technical developments,
  • where @species and @gandhiano depend on his competencies,

would it not make more sense to re-schedule the effort to september, and take time and communication for preparation?

(Adrien Labaeye) #3

I’m aware of it because @almereyda mentionned it to me over a month ago and wondered a couple of days ago about it. I was planning to attend, but only if we have a concrete goal for this workshop. So far it’s not clear to me.

Voluntarily stayed out of scrum before I could get any written update about current flow of activities. I did get some response today from my request for information for Community Report #5.

(Gualter Barbas Baptista) #4

Thanks for this update. I have no other appointment on these dates, I have them since early reserved for the workshop

(Josef Kreitmayer) #5

@gandhiano, thx for clarification. Then I misunderstood that out of the communication we had for finding the date for mondays planning meeting.

(Silke ) #6

@josefkreitmayer @alabaeye @gandhiano @toka @system
dear all, I am back to work after my time-out and after finishing a very successful Commons-Sommerschool yesterday. Of course the workshop is on my agenda and I was planning to go to Witzenhausen on Wednesday - looking very much forward, as I have never been there.

I thought that ppl were already invited and everything was ok.;
Last communication I had with @almereyda was 10 or 12 days ago. I sent him an invitation we did for a previous workshop in Berlin as an inspiration for drafting this one. But it was probably too late to reinvite ppl, and I didn’t see circulate any invitation anywhere.
Guess the mailing list doesn’t work yet (not sure why, I think, it is a tragedy because there are only a handful of ppl who look at the federated wiki from the former broader community)
Anyway: If I do a patterns workshop I need the ppl to be there (10-15 is perfect), working together in a room, online presence is impossible the way I do it (of course, ppl could listen to the presentation but hardly co-generate the patterns with us, this should be done face to face as it is a co-generative process that needs a special energy to emerge).

In short: I am all for postponing: We might draft a proper invitation and use it as a tool to reinvite the broader transformap community after almost a year of disruption (provided you guys finally reset the mailing list and post a detailed report on what has happened meanwhile)

Furthermore, I am all for doing the workshop in German, as WORDING is extremely important, you need to “feel” that the wording of a pattern is ok, that it really, really matches your experience … and if we invite the broader community 90% of participants will be German.
Anyway: I need at least 1,5 days to do a proper workshop (as discussed previously with Jon)
there will be an intro in Christopher Alexander’s work and methodology
then a common process of applying the methodology for co-developing a pattern (as a tool for typical problem solution WITHIN transformap -> we’ll base the workshop on our own experience)
and then max 2 iterations of that methodology in smaller groups.
In between a theoretical part on the epistemology and philosophy of the whole.

And yes, patterns theory is extremely interesting and so helpful to deal with problems!
Cheers Silke

(Adrien Labaeye) #7

I’d be for postponing too, as I don’t see this happening and wouldn’t see any sense in having this happening over the internet.
I could support in the organization of the new date if this helps.

Regarding the mailinglist: I have been using it as if it was working… ( Didn’t you receive any of the community reports I have sent there over the last months?

(Silke ) #8

@alabaeye , correct, I didn’t receive any. But there was I time when the mails in my inbox where automatically deleted, when did you sent the last one or two?

(Adrien Labaeye) #9

May 23.5

(Silke ) #10

that one was probably deleted, can you resent it to me? Or any other important information … (were there 4 community reports?); I can ask for instance @DagmarE if she got them

(Josef Kreitmayer) #11


can you already suggest some dates for a possible Workshop in September (e.g.) that we could accord with Witzenhausen and share with the community?

(Silke ) #12

sure, looks like the only week available is btw. Sept. 19 and 24

(Josef Kreitmayer) #13

@Silke, how many days would you suggest?
(probably that is already clear in the description of the original workshop?)

Should we estimate:

  • 1 afternoon/evening for arrival,
  • 2 days to work, (some people leaving in the evening of the 2nd work-day, some leaving on the day after).
  • 1 day or at least half day to wrap up for some people that feel responsible for holding the developing process?

Would make 4 days with 2 core days. What do you think?

@gandhiano @almereyda @alabaeye @species is 19. - Sept. generally possible for you?

With slight adaptions in my current plans for that timeframe, it would work for me.

(Gualter Barbas Baptista) #14

19-24th September works for me as well, and can check availability of Transition House.
Mailing lists are working and community reports have regularly been sent there (until last month).
Will make a longer comment on this issue tomorrow, and meanwhile try to understand what happened with the communication and preparation.
Gualter Baptista

(Adrien Labaeye) #15

all community reports have also been posted here for archive:

(Gualter Barbas Baptista) #16

I still have no clear idea what happened on this process, why it failed and why so much confusion came into play. Waiting for @almereyda to report back.

In any case, I propose we move forward with the preparation for the new dates, with proper time for preparing for a fruitful workshop.

(Michael Maier) #17

19.-22. Sept. would be very fine for me.
On 23.-25. there is the “State of the Map” OpenStreetMap conference in Brussels - that would be a good coincidence, as Witzenhausen is nearly on the way from Graz to Brussels.

(Adrien Labaeye) #18

One question the workshop should address IMO:

(Jon Richter) #19

I thought my role in this process was to prepare the constitutive framing of the process, leaving all contents to the participants. From that side, creating an invitation link and distributing through to the core transformaps maintainers only seemed legitimate in promoting the event. The network effect would then help to distribute the invitation to interested individuals.

Yet I have come to understand such processes don’t maintain themselves, especially if said network assumes these mandatory tasks are taking care of by a responsible person, in that case obviously me.

Yes, I have been a little bit childish on this one, similarily to my latest outbreak regarding #312 (cc @james), but had been digging too deep into applying the pattern language methodology on some - yet derailing - initial patterns of what TransforMap is actually mapping, instead of continuing to shape a proper communicative frame.

In the same way exploring these helped me to reach clarity about the different layers of our colletive effort, not putting energy into the technology or community processes also only increased the confusion around those matters.

To @Silke and @gandhiano I already had mentionned that I didn’t want to stop developing them, as I had bad experiences from writing three texts last summer which never finished and still occupy my lateral memory.

Another reason why an initial invitation took too long to be written to be sent out timely was for me, that the invitation draft which @gandhiano prepared for me mentionned to many detailed scopes which I wasn’t able to answer all at once. An iterative approach, mentioning scope, date and location at first, will be helpful in inviting for future occasions.

Is this enough of an explanation about what happened or do you all still need more detailed, granularised contexts about why this failed?

My calendar agrees to those dates. I also withdraw the idea of relocating the workshop, if not neccessary, in particular due to



To subsume, I don’t think the pattern languages methodology qualifies as a full blown theory, why I initially didn’t continue from @gandhiano’s invitation draft and reinstantiated it with theory changed to languages.

(Silke ) #20

hi everybody,
I wonder, if we can do this workshop in December. I am happy to program any days between December 10 and 20. Sorry, but September isn’t possible anymore, traveliing all of October and also November is packed. So: what about December 10 - 12 or 12 - 14 or 15- 17?