Navigating pattern languages for mapping the transformations

(Jon Richter) #21

That’s some news. Definitely 15 - 17, we don’t want to miss out on those friday and saturday night social events…

Then we could probably use a dedicated day in Budapest to come up with a shared remote collaboration style to prepare the workshop sufficiently.

If we want to opt for a more neutral place, I am proposing Schloss Mitsuko, despite, or actually due to its remote location.

Also let’s have a read and understanding of Enric’s theoretical framework of Collaborative methodologies for collaborative research available.

Weird to see Helmut Leitner popping up again on Fractal Wiki, as even the early wikis were already experimenting with federation through search.

Nowadays similar experiments look a lot more pleasant to the eye.

(Adrien Labaeye) #22

A proposal for the patterns workshop and further attempts to craft patterns languages for commoning.

Short background: One central issue in the collective governance/crafting of commons is that communities/commoners share a common resource. From this situation arise social dilemmas (e.g. freeriding, degradation, pollution, overuse, etc.) they need to address by devising rules, practices in order to ensure the reproduction of the commons. David Bollier and @Silke have identified patterns as a less rigid approach (than theoretical frameworks), aware of conviviality to describe how communities care for shared resources.

Core idea: By equating the problem (as in patter language literature) to the social dilemma, the bridge between the two literatures is easy to make. In previous work I identified and described a few dilemmas that stand in the way of the mapping as a commons: freeriding, enclosure, commodification, pollution, liability and control, the autist dilemma, the goldfish and fossils.

What about using these dilemmas as a starting point for the workshop? @Silke @almereyda
This could feed thinking of

(Jon Richter) #23

@Silke always said she wants to create the patterns on site, derived from the pains and needs of the actual participants.

Else I can understand how these roles and threats could be modelled into a pattern language that describes the forces which are active among them.

(Adrien Labaeye) #24

which makes sense!
What about a parallel wiki-based process of developing some pattern languages for mapping as a commons/as commoning? We could host this under

(Jon Richter) #25


(Adrien Labaeye) #26

well… I’m afraid that it will be hard to engage with a broader audience with the federated wiki. The usual tension…

(Jon Richter) #27

Okay, I understand it. Still we know that the neutral-point-of-view notion of single wikis runs into concurrency issues, i.e. if people want to edit at the same time. But I get that we will not produce that tension.

Let’s fantasize a bit about how to start a collective writing and editorial process. A good start could be preparing associated wiki pages, pattern templates (short) (long) and an explanation what the individual pattern elements mean.

(Silke ) #28

@Scrumteam1 I finally posted the draft invitation. Patterns of Mapping : TransforMap as a Commoning process : invitation
Forgot to mention, that I think that the workshop needs to be IN GERMAN.
two things are extremely important now:

  1. determine the dates (I can offer 10 days between December 12 and December 22 and 1,5 days working together should be enough)
  2. determine the place (so that we can finally send out the invitation, because it would be great to have transformappers and other people there.
    Is that a reason to opt for, say, Leipzig? or Berlin?
    Anyway, I think that it is important to have a place where we can all stay together; cook, have fun, sleep etc…

(Gualter Barbas Baptista) #29

I thought the dates of 15.-17. December were settled for this. That’s Thursday to Saturday, so depending on the participants’ profile, we may want to push it one day further, to occupy the weekend.

My preference is still to host in Witzenhausen, as I think it would be accessible, easy for us to organize, and provides a very convivial atmosphere for staying together. Also, it helps to not centralize everything around those two cities where anyway already too many things happen.

It would be interesting however to know if people would be available to come to Witzenhausen. AFAIK, there is the possibility of supporting people with travel costs. Furthermore, the people around Kassel (e.g. @DagmarE) could probably more easily join here.

(Silke ) #30

@gandhiano I guess you are right; I am perfectly fine with December 15-17. So, I will change it in the invitation.
For me: Witzenhausen is fine. Gives me the opportunity to know the place and to visit my family thereafter :-); other thoughts @Scrumteam1 @DagmarE @Thomas_D @wellemut @Giuliana (you see … I am starting to spread the word :slight_smile:
Link to the invitation: Patterns of Mapping : TransforMap as a Commoning process : invitation

(Adrien Labaeye) #31

I guess I’ll take part, in German :slight_smile:

(Josef Kreitmayer) #32

maybe for you and for @gandhiano we keep it the way, that you speak in english, if you like so, and if someone does not understand, we make “Flüsterübersetzung” :slight_smile:

(Adrien Labaeye) #33

that’s not the place to decide I think. :wink:

(Jon Richter) #34

This sounds like a pragmatic way to extend the workshop, if participants want to stay longer. This could also help resolving my confusiong about Patterns of Mapping : TransforMap as a Commoning process : invitation.
We should anyway publish the possibility of a longer stay and leave it to the user. That could be its very own antipattern day.