Network Village (a new U -topia)

(Paul Free) #1

I would like to introduce Benjamin Smit to the transformap network.
He’s been very active in mapping and involved into the ecovillage movment.

He’s builded up during 1-2 years an map called network village (a new U-topia)
You’ll find it here:

He’s also visiting a lot of ecovillages. I’m going to invite him here.

(Perma Nomad) #2

Thanks greetings benjamin smit

(Jon Richter) #3

Hi, the map you mention is private. I have requested access.

Would you like some instructions how to turn the enclosed Google Map into a uMap? We recommend it over the proprietary mapping provider for various reasons. See many examples of uMaps at or have a read of

(Thomas Kalka) #4

Hi Benjamin. Would you like to introduce yourself inside our who is who?