New and alternative approaches to a point-score taxonomy for asset mapping

(Benjamin Brownell) #1

I’m working on developing a taxonomy for ‘regenerative asset mapping’ very much in line with the aims of Transformap.

I want the taxonomy to do two things well: granular filtering or customization, and a clearly defined scoring system to establish thresholds for inclusion on the map. And one more I guess: it has to be easily understandable by a wide variety of users!

So I am starting from a different direction than Transformap taxonomy. Instead of organizing tags for types of features/POI (cooperative, organic farm, etc), I am creating a scorecard for marking up points on any type of feature, grouped into four sectors by ‘sphere’ of ownership or management: public sphere, public interest, private benefit, private sphere). There are several categories of scoring e.g. governance model, social values, products and services, each with several possible binary (1 point or none) features. The idea is then you can set a numerical threshold for what will appear on the map, and it can be a different threshold in each of the spheres (i.e. higher score needed for a POI in the private or commercial domain vs in the public domain.) These point features also serve as tags for filtering.

Make sense?? Seems like a useful approach for this type of effort, and I haven’t seen it used before in this way. I would like to share more and collaborate if it’s of interest to anyone. This is part of a new regional hybrid for-profit + for-impact open source project I’m leading in US.