New Discourse Category "Taxonomy"?


on the Telco (13.5., see Pad) there was the opinion that “Vocabularies and Data” is not the right name for taxonomy discussions, no newcomer would assume this to be the place for our taxonomy.

Therefore, we need a new (top-) category “Taxonomy”. But before I create a new category, I want to ask for opinions (@toka, @almereyda?)
Then there would be a sub-category “Feedback”, see this Trello Task. It would be used to collect feedback only, not for discussions - as these should happen at the next TransforMap meeting in June.


if there is a reply, pls ping me, tnx

@silke @species bitte seht euch einmal meinen Vorschlag an, den ich gleich umgesetzt habe:

Ich finde vocabularies and data sinnvoll, wobei das data - Thema auch woanders hin könnte, aber auch nicht wirklich zu engineerping passt. Einsweilen glaube ich, kann es hier verbleiben.