Noemi Giszpenc, Data Commons Co-op @Noemi_Giszpenc

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I’m Noemi Giszpenc, the person who appears in the video on the Data Commons Co-op website. I’m one of the founders of the cooperative and currently serving on the Board. The co-op has a strategic vision, and we are structured as a cooperative so as to stay focused on meeting the needs of our members. That said, much of the tools we create will be open-source for anyone to use. The data itself, though, will range in openness from completely public, to available with licensing, to only available to DCC members or at the owners’ discretion.

Devin Balkind @devinbalkind
Devin Balkind @devinbalkind
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Noemi, welcome on board.

I will be happy to learn about your experiences doing data commons on the social and on the technical level.