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Geocoder for single adress use:

Geocoder for batch mode:
(batch mode means that you can process a list of datasets [adresses] at once)
(please note, that just the batch mode is openstreetmap, and therefore open licence. Please do not use the single conversion option on this site, most of the data-sources are non public licence.

please feed the batch mode with data in that order:
street house-number, city, country

Here a map with availability of full adress (street + number) with the OpenStreetMap database.

Nominatim also uses US TIGER data internally, so therefore in the US address coverage is complete for geocoding (this is not shown on the map above).

If a street number is not available, the geocoder takes an estimated space on the street. has adresses of some countries, that are not included in OSM geocoder.

as @species and me just found out in a phone conversation, the openstreetmap bulk solution above does not provide information if a street adress is exact or estimated. As that is crucial information for us to see which data is blank clean, and which is kind of guess and needs to be revisited, @species programs a linux run bulk version, that he already created one year ago. We will use that for finalizing 15mmm.

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In the long term, I may provide an instance of Nominatim (the OSM geocoder), which also includes the data in addition to the US TIGER data Nominatim already uses. But this will be after my vacation (until 18.7.2015).

It is now published here on github. It takes the name of a csv-file as argument, and creates a new file with three columns added:

  • lat
  • lon
  • “note”, which can have the following values
  • “exact”: found address exactly in OSM
  • “interpolation”: position was interpolated, if only start- and end-housenumber were known in OSM on a street.
  • “Information only from road”: coordinates point to road with this name, no Housenumber found in OSM
  • “unknown in osm”: no coordinates added, street not found in OSM in this city

The input file (csv-file) must be tab-separated, with the first line being a header bearing the following column names:
• housenumber
• street
• city
• country (as 2-letter-code)

The fields must not be empty!
It is advised to create an input file with export from e.g. libreoffice calc:

  • “save as”, choose:
  • File Type: CSV
  • check “Edit filter settings”
  • click “Save”, in the next box choose
  • Charset: UTF-8
  • Field delimiter: {Tab}
  • OK