Non-public, commons data

(Gualter Barbas Baptista) #1

One of my departure points for the design of co-munity and the development of my ideas about online mapping was a concern with a kind of “tragedy of the commons”. The alarm bells rang with an article of Spiegel on Mundraub (fruits to plunder or something like that).

Although I brought this point in Munich, it remains for me unclear if TransforMap supports community-ownership and exclusive access by (some) communities on the data.

An example use: I want to map all fruit trees (abandonned, shared, etc.) in the local community. However, I don’t want everyone to know about all those trees, because we are organising collectively to maintain them and then make some money out of it, or provide it to the local CSA community, etc. (ah, the difficult question of whether this is commercial!). Maybe I don’t want to share with everyone, but I want to share some of the data with the public and most of the “private” data with a few friend/trusted communities.

Apart from the question on the planned support from TransforMap for this, I would also bring in the discussion from Licensing data aggregates, in particular my comment here:

Would this use case also need to be addressed at the licensing discussions? Does it need to be protected (copyrighted) in any way, or the fact that it’s “private” protects it automatically?

And no, I don’t want to push it to OSM, but use it to share across communities or groups of users in distributed platforms that are linked with TransforMap (e.g. allowing POIs from a group in co-munity, to be shared with a group on wachstumswende)

(Michael Maier) #2

This is far away in the future, as we haven’t even decided an APIs and ontology schema standards yet.

As TransforMap is supposed to be a collection of different DBs, nothing speaks against adding a DB with access control. You’re invited to create one, as soon as we have decided on APIs!

But I remind you that every access control is only as safe as its weakest account. If there is a website displaying local fruit trees with no sign-in needed, it IS public. Even if sign-in is needed, and a member shares (or is robbed of) their account data you cannot prohibit your trees showing up on wikileaks :wink: