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###the following is outdated, but might still be relevant at some point, if the ownCloud Calendar improves functionality to be used as a public calendar. Please see the following thread for the current calendar solution for TransforMap: TransforMap public calendar

Some of us are using an ownCloud-Calendar to collect events and meetings (Conferences, workshops, Scrum meetings) in context of transformap.

You will need an account for our ownCloud, you can get it from our Monkey’s Team - just ask.

You can then import the calendar via a CalDav link (insert your ownCloud username) into you desktop or mobile calendar application.

The onwCloud Calendar link does not work, and I personally think, that yet another tool does make us even more vulnerable to the tech:non-tech divide

The link is personal for each ownCloud user.
you either have to replace $USERNAME (or the encoded %24USERNAME) with your ownCloud username, or in the ownCloud webinterface, go to Calendar, and search for “generate calDAV link” or similar.
With your personal link, you can add events to the TransforMap calendar in your favourited client.

@almereyda, would it be possible to generate a read-only link of this calendar?

I (as someone that is interested in TransforMap, but not a technician / not registered to the TransforMap onwCloud, which I believe just very few people are), would like to click a link (anyone is capable of that) and find the overview of events.
That IMHO would be a prerequisit to any format for publishing our events and meetings.

  • If a read only link of the ownCloud Calendar is possible to be shared with anyone in the community is possible, then I would consent in adopting the onwcloud calendar, and sharing the public link here.
  • If a public link is not possible, I would have a strong objection to using the owncloud calendar, as it would exclude everyone that is not subscribed to owncloud.

Personally, I cannot make any sense out of the following. It might make sense to someone technically capable, but there is just a few people in our community with that capacities. Please keep that in mind, when it comes to general communication infrastructure. (and I understand, that it is really practical for you @species, as you are technically capable, for which I have a lot of respect)

Just to make clear:

  • I think it is a great idea to try the ownCloudCalendar internally (whatever that means) and see if it is suitable as a public calendar.

It is an internal calendar. The public link is personalized from @gandhiano and should probably be recreated from a @transformap user. Clean URLs and stuff.

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Step-by-step screenshot guide for getting you personal CalDav-Link:

  1. Choose Calendar when logged in in our ownCloud:

  2. Click on the “Chain Link”-Symbol of the TransforMap-Calendar:

  3. Copy the text in the box.

This link (starting with https ://…). can be used to add a new remote calendar in your calendar desktop program or app - if it supports that.

As desktop application, I’m using Korganizer from KDE.
For the standard Android calendar I had to install the App “DAVdroid” to support CalDav.


I like it very much, because I have it imported in my desktop and mobile calendar application - It saves me the hazzle of creating calendar entries for TransforMap meetings. See description above.

Thank you @species for the good description.

@species Kann ich das so lesen, dass du den Kalender maintainst ?

Isnt it possible to have a read only version without the need for an account ?

Jein - jeder mit Account hat Schreibrechte am Kalender.
Ich hab bisher nur die Engineering-Meetings eingetragen.

Andere Gruppen bitte ich, dasselbe zu tun:
@alabaeye when is the conference you are attending?
@gandhiano maybe you add the Witzenhausen Sprint?

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Ich finde es schwierig Discourse für alles zu verwenden. Vor allem Events und Entscheidungsfindung sollten mE ausgekoppelt werden, damit sie an anderer Stelle prominenter sichtbar, mit strukturierten Daten versehen und hier nicht so leicht untergegangen sind. Hier find’t doch nie wer nüscht.

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