Oliver Hönigsberger

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(Oliver Hönigsberger) #1

Hi, i want to use transformap to map open activities & spaces (for the Omni Societas) in my environment. I have also skills in openstreetmap because i programmed a similar idea. So, i want to edit “my layer” with the global categories with the possibility to import it into my http://www.fairnette.at/
(old version with programmed initiatives gui - new version open … http://www.fairnette.at/version1/)

At the moment:

is not working, who is the contact person?

In German:
Ich möchte die Idee zu den Omni Societas hier abbilden :slight_smile:

Best Greeting, Kind Regards, Love && Peace, Alles Liebe

(Adrien Labaeye) #2

Hi Oliver, and welcome on this forum.
What do you mean by

I regularly use uMap and it works fine…