Open Grid: New map-based tool to explore open data

(Sam Rossiter) #1

Hi has anyone been following

Could it be useful for aggregating data together and presenting it?

(Paul Mackay) #2

It seems to do a lot in terms of realtime or time period based displays. I’m not sure that’s a focus for TransforMap is it? So wondering if this might be overkill? But could merit further investigation.

(Sam Rossiter) #3

Sure, it’s not a 100% fit.

An off the shelf solution for storing & representing data from multiple data sources on a OSM map must have solved some of the challenges faced here?

Could be worth a fork?



(Y'a la merde!) #4

This is great!

It makes me think about Why Are Geospatial Databases So Hard To Build? from the creator of yet unseen SpaceCurve and’s linked-data-registry, which I never really managed to get to work, in the sense of its bleeding-edge reliance on real-time visualization. If we had more documentation about dspace, I’d have to drop it in now.

As I see Open Grid not in the role of an editor, it appears to be a playful query interface to various kinds of tempospatial data.

Another application from Chicago from the field of real-time geospatial and time series analytics is also