Open real-time collaboration protocols for open communities. Avoid Slack.

Dear communities, please try to refrain from using proprietary communication infrastructure whenever possible.

Since last year, the Matrix ecosystem evolved quite rapidly, and now features:

  • Riot - a full fledged client for Web, iOS and Android which supports End-to-End-encryption
  • a reasonable set of bridges to other networks like IRC, Slack or Rocket.Chat to only name a few, to increase interoperability of the diverse messaging services available to us nowadays.

Please also consult the Matrix FAQ for further information about the financing parties, the aims of the project and why it breaks with conventions to allow for new kinds of collaborations.

Below a few more links, including this one, for :link: Reasons Not to Use Slack for Free Software Development or :link: Why Slack is inappropriate for open source communications.


Dear Jon @almereyda

Thank you for your answer,
I apologize for a “quick mistake” about proprietary things =)
You’re right

A quick point about my suggestion, it was only the idea to build new links onto an existing tools.
However, it is more than true that there is aletrnatives.
Moreover, there is currently on a Matrix technology infrastructure, a “HOOK” between the channels mentionned and channel through a rocketchat server. Maybe @Maia could ask to Bzzzd (Biohazard) or Lapinot, for a support to set up a new hook with your own infrastructure =)

Maybe we will be able to link others and currents initiatives by this way also.

May be @Simon_Sarazin, would be happy to let us know more about the commons initiative about this topic, when he will be available.



I am aware of similar self-hosted environments via
Will keep on trying to convince them of
Maybe what you mentioned could be a nice try to get such an examplanatory bridging going?


For sure,
it is @gabriel.engel who is "lead dev"
You could discuss with him through their “gitter” (sorry for enclosed thing …)
Also, they should have their own RocketChat to HOOK with =)

“Please see for the active community”

@gandhiano This is the most easy instruction to register and login at our Matrix service that I managed to write up until now (including links above). @Maia managed to follow those easily.

So everybody could do the same! :sunglasses:
Dear Jon, I hope we’ll meet one day or another in real life: the abstraction of internet seems a little bit too rude to me sometimes :green_heart: :cherry_blossom:

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Language is a sharp blade to dance on, yes. Especially in textual, remote communications. Should we at some point try to reinstantiate a friday community call @alabaeye @oceatoon …?

With pleasure Jon
at least to give you guys all the feedback , and how things are moving
we just pushed version 0.14
we didn’t get a chance to discuss avout that import/export/translation module multi ontology
let’s try to connect soon
The ball is in your soup Jon :wink:

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For Slack, a suitable alternative is Matrix.

Please don’t. Rather join the federation. is awaiting your registrations.

Then join via

e.g. via, anonymous guest access available

and then only bridge to proprietary silos, e.g. via may be helpful to some.

check out as well