OSM iD-Editor deployment coordination

Do you have a running instance somewhere?

Is there a “TransforMap” fork on github?

Definitely! The only things a user can edit should be

  • existing POIs (Nodes and Ways tagged as POI)
  • add new POIs (Node/Area)

Streets, Railways, Landuses etc should be greyed out!

I’m in favor of using iD! Who has time to set it up?^^

I did a local install on my dev machine - nothing official.

We do not need a public instance until we started hacking the code.

If would be nice, if more people gather in this thread, which are interested in hacking iD.

Does anybody have contact to its programmers ?

@species, would love to see my mbox changes deployed

It is deployed!

  • deploying to editor.transformap.co works now - thanks to anyone who changed some config somewhere, I haven’t changed anything locally^^,
  • Issue #1 is fixed, also the checkbox icon works now.

You’re dokku admin since end of last week. Do you remember when I asked you about kargath and thinkpad?

 ~$ dokku access:list
admin    77:bb:e0:12:9f:75:d2:fc:32:a3:56:ad:9e:51:c6:22
admin    af:ba:f5:55:d8:47:ac:1a:0a:9e:5e:37:8f:6c:fd:ff
admin    ed:4e:dd:c3:c9:3b:29:0a:66:26:35:a9:c3:3c:7b:21
admin    e3:b5:3a:09:e9:a3:80:a1:47:10:e3:c3:fe:e3:5c:f2
admin    dc:88:d1:36:6e:e0:88:e9:ea:92:39:3b:29:35:31:fa

Should I change this into a deployment-only key? As Dokku is in fact Ecobytes’ infrastructure, not TransforMap’s.

Some docs I’ve written are at https://stackedit.allmende.io/viewer?url=https://edit.transformap.co/stackedit/tpKyF2r5qdvXg1eIiN08HDvj/content

Thanks, it works now.
Dunno what has changed, but I can deploy editor.transformap.co and demo.transformap.co via “git push update master” now.

Still working on setting up the docpad chain for deploying transformap.co

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Should we change this topic to “iD editor development” ?

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@toka, would you consider it possible / feasible / relatively easy to do, to

  1. Strip the ID-Editor to make a more simple POI-Editor out of it, that is just for setting and editing POIs and does not display the other menu-items?
  • Develop from there to feed 2 databases, the OSM-Database with the geo-information, and another “Tag-database” with the tags, that are not OSM-compatible?
  • Same as question 2, with an image- and text-database with images and text?
  • If the 3 questions above are positive, would you be willing to contribute on that?

Just an inquiry, to get some overview on the possibilities.