OSM iD-Editor development coordination

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We use a customized version of the iD openstreetmap editor to edit OSM directly with presets from our taxonomy.

Use this thread to collect issues, introductions etc …

Take a look at our github repository, if you are interested in the changes we made to iD.


iD fork is released, you can try it out here: editor.transformap.co.

  • the editor is restricted to POIs, on default.
  • The OpenStreetMap Taxonomy is replaced with the TransforMap Taxonomy.

It’s not perfect, but we are working to get the latest issues fixed.

Editing works this way:

  • Search for the place where you want to edit (e.g. type a town’s name in the searchbox, and click "search worldwide)
  • look on the map, if your POI is already there - when you select it, you should be able to add TransforMap tags on the left pane.
  • You can add new POIs via the “Point”-button on top. Click on the map to place it, and in the left pane search through our needs-based classification for your type of POI.
  • Fill out the other informations you know about this particular POI
  • Click “save” on the top, the first time you have to login with your OSM account.
    • Enter a changeset comment describing what you have done. Use our hashtag, e.g. “#TransforMap POI added”
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hello @species
wow, very impressive. It works really fine. Just edited one point, and it seems to be really easily understandable. congratulation!
After the edit and save to open streetmap, It seems, that I cannot move away anymore from that image (see screenshot attached)

Which Browser version / Operating System did you use?
I’ve tested it in Chromium ( 41.0.2272.76 on Debian8) and Firefox (31.5.0), no problems?.

It seems we need to still rush a bit, maybe just primarily with an interactive guided tour?

firefox 37.0.2

ok, lets write a script for a screencast first, and then someon (me? or someone speaking better english) will make a screencast, according to that script. (xTODO)



  • create a login at OSM


  • choose poi type
  • add some poi
  • submit changes to OSM
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Hm - i had some other strange issues with FF and iD recently. May you try it with Chrome instead?

I should somewhere state a line that iD is very optimised for Chrome and runs much smoother here.

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I’ve released a version with working multiselect-checkboxes now:

@toka, thanks for the preliminaries!

Any other improvements You like to see?
Answer here, or better, create an Issue at Github!

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Continuing the discussion from Organizing TODOs:

Unicode for world domination!

unicode Zeichen-Idee teile ich (mich verwirrt das x auch immer),
das mit der world domination nicht :wink:

@Silke willst Du wirklich immer irgendwoher mit copy und paste ein TODO zusammenzaubern, statt direkt etwas in den Text zu tippern ?

nee, natürlich nicht… aber ich wollte der Idee zustimmen, eine Lösung jenseits des x zu suche…
So, versuche jetzt mal den griechischen Strang zu verfolgen.
Eine frage noch: Ich denke, es könnten viele Beiträge von längeren diskussionen gelöscht/ versteckt werden,w eil sie schon geklärt sind (z.B. dieser hier, wenn Du das gelesen hast).
Wie geht das?
Soll ich mich da ran trauen (z.B.in meinen regionalthreads?)