OSM JOSM-Handbook: English translation needed for MMM!

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I’ve now updated the German JOSM handbook to the Taxonomy Version 1.0 (and shortened it a little bit).
An important task is missing for Mapping Month May: Translation to English!

I’m looking for volunteers who would like to help translating.

In order of importance, the following steps have to be done:

  • Translating first chapter (Mapping) text (pages 1-7, ~1000 Words)
  • Taking new English screenshots from JOSM (10 for chapter 1)
  • Translating the last chapters (Troubleshooting, Appendix, Resources): ~1600 Words, 11 Screenshots

People capable of English and German, please reply to this post or drop me a message if you’re willing to donate some hours to TransforMap!

The document (.odt) can be found here on github. Either send me a pull request (or if you don’t know what that means, E-mail me the .odt). There is also an old Trello Card, where the status can be tracked.

Many thanks in advance,

Update: Mapping with JOSM now got easier!
I’ve created a portable version of JOSM with all needed presets and plugins - no more configure before one can start mapping!
Java is already included, you don’t need to install it beforehand!

You can download the zipfile from our Owncloud here (83MB). Just extract it, and click on “start JOSM”.

For user-friendliness I’ve added some filters which grey out features not needed for TransforMap like railways, power lines and administrative borders. So less fear to break OpenStreetMap^^.

Have fun!

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